Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top 10 cheap best buys of 2009

I totally recommend every blogger does this, to see what you bought, which was the best and which you could really do without. I'm sorting through my clothes at the moment trying to get rid of most of them, and thought I should mention the best buys. You may have seen them before in previous posts!
These 'best buys' are basically things I've bought for amazingly cheap prices :)

10. Bed head products - £6
A recent buy, I explained abit about this in a previous post, but it has to be on this list! My hair is so much nicer now I finally have nice products :D

9. Blazer - £4.50
I wanted a blazer for agees! Then this popped up in a charity shop, and was uber cheap compared to everywhere else :)

8. Cricket Jumper - £4.50
This is so indie and mod, reminds me of Alexa Chung. Haven't worn it yet, because I haven't had the chance! Definately a best buy of '09, these catch arounf £15-£30 on ebay!

7. Lace dress - £4.99
This is a recent buy, it is HEAVY. The actual item went for 99p, and the postage was £4.00, not surprising! It's so girly, and genuine vintage, and cheap!

6. Shabby chic mirror - £2
This definately deserves it's place in the countdown, and you can see why!

5. Brown bag - 50p
This is very very Alexa. I wanted a brown bag for ageeees and this one cropped up for 50p at a carboot. Bargain!

4. Dorothy Dress
The dorothy dress was originally 50p.. yes, you heard it right. This definately has to be here, after all the Dorothy dress sold for £23!

3. Brogues - £1.50
This came brand new in box with a receipt for £28. Although the receipt had run out (Baratts shoe shop no less!) I could still fetch some store credit. But why would I? These beauties are gorrrgeous and cheeeeeap!

2. Telephone - 50p
This is such a beautiful vintage item. And 50p no less. Love it :)

1. Prom dress & Acc
This has to be the biggest bargain I've ever ever ver bought. My prom outfit, and the accessories, came to just under £15.
I couldn't find my clutch, but the outfit included -
Vintage blue and black dress from carboot - £2!
Black open toes Dorothy perkin heels, charity shop - £5
Black clutch accessorize, charity shop - £5
(same charity shop too haha, how lucky!)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing day = Sales of course!

Oh Christmas. It was lovely and I recieved some gorgeous presents and I am a very happy girl! I am not going to be doing the christmas haul until after new years because:
1. Everyone will do them now
2. I want to do my new years posts noww
3. Not many people are blogging around christmas (with good reason!) so not many people will get a chance to see!
So there you go. But I have a lovely boxing day sales haul for you. So don't get too upset ;)

The boxing day sales? Weren't that great. Me and my mum have gone the past 3 years and they are usually beyond uh-mazing. But this year they weren't that great and I only spent around £40, which is weird for me at boxing day sales! My dad explained that because of the credit drunch, many retailers try not too overbuy stock, and therefore there isn't muxch leftover to getr id of. To be honest, the run up to christmas sales were probably better, because they wanted rid before christmas came. Ughhh.

Well I convinced my dad to go to the oh so wonderful meadowhall, sheffield. It was pretty packed, and i was hot and crazy trying to get around the shops.
Here is what I got lovelies :)

So the first pic up there is a close up of the bodysuit thingymajig I got from topshop. Its gorgeous! It goes so well with jumper I bought from there too, you can't really see it but it's a charcoal grey. Perfect! £12 each reduced from £20 & £25. Bargain!

Next is the primark goodies. The pic is awful, sorry I took all these when it was dark! So anyway, the blazer is really soft and a lvoely light grey. I wasn't sure about the colour, but I always wear fairly dark tops etc, so fancied a change! Next is the lovely cream dress, has my eye on it ever since it was in look magazine. And then some knee high socks with bows on.
The dress - £5 reduced from £15 / Blazer - £8 reduced from 14 / socks - £1.50

Oh and of course this amazing object...

If you follow me or even just read this blog, I've been longing for the primer potion. However, £11 for one item of make-up? uhhm.. NO! But I got a £15 giftcard for christmas for boots.. what else could I have possibly bought? ;)

Finally, when I went shopping for presents, I was a tiny bit (well, VERY) selfish and bought myself some goodies:

Graffiti best top is from H&M and was £3!!! Reduced from £7. Me and Ruth both bought it haha! Then The floral one is from Primark and was £4! I know, frickin unblievable :) The florally photo frames were £1.50 from the charity shops and £1.75 for the florally make-up bag thing. Then Batiste dry shampoo, I can't remember how much but from superdrug and then some skin coloured tights by themselves, very randomly, 50p from primark :) Oh I also wrapped all my presents in this lovely wrapping paper:

£1 for quite a big roll from where else? : Primark!

I think I'm going to town tomorrow to look for some more goodies, as my lovely friend ruth found some amazing jewellery in places and I really need to stock up! As I was only focusing on clothes. Plus, I have £20 left to spend ;)
How have you found the sales? Pick up anything nice? Or nothing at all because of the tug on our wallets from christmas? haha.
Hope you all had a super duper christmas and I'll be posting very soon!

P.s. Have a look at this blog!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The best things about christmas:

10. The christmas lights & decorations

9. Hot chocolate in front of the fire

8. Playing in the snow & making snowmans

7. Christmas songs - don't lie, Slades 'merry christmas' song brings a tear to your eye too.

6. The films on telly (Yes, I have seen love actually about 30 times!)

5. Santa Claus!

4. Wrapping presents (and presents themselves!)

3. Snow itself (if you're lucky enough to have it!)

2. Christmas spirit = being ridiculously happy for no reason

1. Spending time with your family and friends <3

(Me and my sisters last year, oh how different we all look!)

It's currently 1:11am haha, but i'll take this time to say Merry Christmas to you all (or happy holidays) and I hope you all have a wonderful time.
I'll be posting very frequently leading up to new years, I'm going to be doing posts on my best buys, worst buys, most expensive and cheapest buys of 2009, and a big post on what has changed.

Thanks for being such loyal followers. Till next time, where I'll have no doubt, much to say about the boxing day sales.

Merry Christmas :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

And the winner is...

1. Corinna @ Feathersandair!
Congratualtions, I'm uber jealous of this win, as the necklace is gorgeous! And I will send it first classs tomorrow, so hopefully you will get it by christmas!

Sorry I've been abit MIA, I've been working on moving the store to ebay, and it's been quite difficult to say the least! But I'm going to enjoy it more because you guys can buy things via auctioning, which is always so much more fun than buying it straight up!
And also, the forever popular 'dorothy dress' has officially been sold *sad face* As I know that was one of the most popular items in the shop!

I've also recently bought 3 items from the TIGI bed head set, all this for £6 (inc p&p!) off ebay, because some of them have been slightly used! I couldn't believe it! I'm going to do like a mini review because I know lots of people want to bite the bullet and purchase them, but they are abit pricey!

Heres a sneak peak at some things coming up in the shop:

They're all gorgeous, and I'll let you know when I list them and when the shop has had a full changeover! :)
Theres not much else to say, but I'll try blog more frequently, promise! I'm going xhristmas shopping with Ruth tomorrow so I'll take pictures etc. I'll also do more posts about christmas cause I'm SO excited! I'll do a boxing day posts on thing I bought for my family & friends and then on what I recieved :D

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays so far my lovelies!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas wishes and White lace kisses.

Bow ring, Ladybug clips, Floral socks, Heart bag, Hello kitty slippers, Guitar hero, Soap and glory, Cat hat. Found in: topshop, boots, gamestation, ebay and peacocks. ♥

The shoes are from the 'swishing party', thats why they have a raffle ticket in them. I haven't worn them yet, but they'd look gorgeous with this lace blazer with vintage gold buttons and my heart necklace.
Don't you think? *sigh* I wish I was adventurous enough to wear this out.
It's abit too 'Michelle Obama' for me personally. But one day maybe?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gossip Girl Style : Jenny Humphrey/Taylor Momsen

Jenny Humphrey, played by the gorgeous Taylor Momsen, has been through a massive fashion transition throughout the show. I realised there were 3 stages of her style, that have developed and changed over the seasons, with some more successful than others. Regardless, I think the fashion of Jenny Humphrey reflects perfectly why we LOVE gossip girl .. theres a million different styles these girls have and we envy!


This was in mainly season 1, Jenny was only 14! She wore very basic clothes with little necklaces, etc. Theres not much development of fashion on her part, but it's not surprising. This was her girliest phase, pastel and bright colours mixed with knee high socks and pumps.
Verdict: She was only young, but her simplistic style was adorable, and fit her age well. A respectable 7/10.


This was her BIGGEST transformation. Her style is very punk-esque, lots of black eyeliner and dark colours. I personally loved the edgy Jenny, she really came into her own and was totally different to everyone else. Biker boots, black tights and a rock styled shirt = perfect combination!
Verdict: My favourite style, it really wins me over. A brilliant 10/10!


A mix of both rock and girly, Jenny in the new seasons looks very different! She still has a rocky edge, but she mixes it with girly accesories and curly extensions. Unfortunately I really hate the extensions, they look tacky :/. But her style is very unique and I give her credit for her accessories, they always make her outfits have that bit more 'oopmph'.
Verdict: It may be a lovely mix of styles, but it's not as good as the punk look. A lovely 8.5/10 (Because I really do despise her extensions!)

So the rock look comes out on top! But the real question is, which one is YOUR favourite?
Also, don't forget to enter the contest below, the necklace is truely gorgeous and all you have to do is comment and be a follower. So what are you waiting for?!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Contest! ..and tampax pearl VIP swishing event photos

I have been neglecting this blog so much.. and I cannot believe It's almost half way through December already! I still don't have an advent calendar haha or half my christmas shopping done *sigh*
This was supposed to be a 35 follower contest.. and I know have 72 followers haha! So I'm really sorry for taking so long. So now It's going to be a christmas contest I guess? This is what you will win:

So this necklace design is on many vintage jewellery sites I've seeen, pretty much going for around £10? Well, if you enter this contest you could win it for free! And It will come just in time for christmas.. how awesome is that? All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog, about anything at all. I will use a random number generator to choose the winner. It is available to all countries, and will end in a weeks time. So if you do not live in the UK it may not come in time for christmas (because of how long the post takes, etc)
Oh, and you also have to be a follower!

I won a competition on Hannahs blog, and she was amazingly helpful with directions and such for the VIP event in the club 'Punk', arranged by Tampax Pearls Mother of Nature campaign. It was SUCH a lovely event, free cupcakes, finger food and DRINKS ALL NIGHT :D We stayed until around 3am, and I had to get to my coach back home for 8:30am, so I pretty much didn't sleep haa. We basically took 5 pieces of clothing and got 5 tickets, which meant we could take 5 things off the rack of clothing. I picked up some really pretty things including some pretty pumps with bows on!
I got to meet Carrie from wishwishwish, my absolute favourite blogger! and I met loads of other bloggers too, who were all oh so lovely, including Kristabel, Christine, Carrie and Lucy . Sorry if I missed people out, it was abit too loud and hectic to remember peoples blogs and names, etc.
Here are a couple of pictures (sorry about the bad pictures, I was sweating and my makeup was crappy, bad times!)

Carrie, Me Hannah and Rachel

Hannah and Me

Lucy, Rachel Me and Nicola

I was wearing a vintage jumper off ebay which was £20, I LOVE it so much! And I got a few compliments on it too :) I'll have to show you what I 'swapped' in a future post :) And if any of you were there, please comment me and say hello! I really want to find out who picked up some of the things I brought with me haha :)
Unforyunately I didn't get a goody bag at the end, I can't remember why, I think I just forgot haha! But I absolutely loved it and venturing to London by myself was the scariest thing in the world, but TOTALLY worth it!
Thanks to all the bloggers and the event organisers, it was amazing.
Don't forget to enter the contest. :)

p.s. Thanks so much Hannah and Rachel :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Why don't you just go blog about it?

I was supposed to do all this post Thursday! But I ended up seeing my beautiful friend Izzy, and then lots of stuff happened in my life that just stopped me posting!
It's not a biggie.. I was going to do the contest but I want that to have a whole post to itself, which will be the next one.. I promise!

So we put our decorations up already OFC! They're so pretty! Well this year I was sick of al the old baubles and tinsel we've collected over the years and I wanted a proper coloured theme and pretty decorations. And heres what we got!

And all these? £2.50!!!!!!
From a carboot sale no less! My mum spotted them and I was just like ahhhh because they are actually perfect! They go well in the living room cause it's blue and just, wow. It was SUCH a bargain! And my dad set me in charge and gave me a £10 budget (cause I told him I'll thrift everything') and so I've got more money to spend on some more stuff.. but what else? I was thinking a few bits of tinsel here and there and we need a star on top of the tree haha ;)
Are YOU excited about christmas..? I AM!

Oh and I wore this on friday. Enjoy ;D

I'd usually have two pictures but my dad took them and they were AWFUL! And blurry. So this is the best I got ;D