Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tied up with string.

My mum bought the wrong size business cards to start off with. The stamps we ordered from terbearco have the title, logo, and contact information all in one. However because the cards are too small, I didn't want a pack of 30 going to waste (30 for £2 off ebay, not bad!) so I decided to seperate the parts and ink stamp seprately. It was tricky and fiddly and ended up blotchy (the blog link at the bottom is very blotted haha) and it's all abit annoying really. But they turned out pretty lovely and i added a ribbon in the hole and tied it into a bow. Voila!
I think if you're going to have 'business cards', it's nice to make them as pretty as possible. Hand stamping can be time consuming, but I think it's alot more creative and fun! Try and get friends to help out if you don't have enough time anywho :) The bows are just a little added bonus, when we get the right sized ones i'm sure I wont have them, it would take forever to do bows on all of them!
I have 18 followers, which may not seem like alot but I'm very happy with each and every one of you. If you would like to follow the blog, you can do here.
When i reach 35, I will have a contest with pretty little things, so get following!:)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vintage fair.

On saturday, I went to a vintage fair. Now, I'm pretty much a vintage fair 'virgin', I didn't know what to expect and wasn't sure if it would be any good. There was abit of a queue but as soon as I went in, ohh my gosh! It was packed and just full of people, the stalls were jam packed with lovely vintage trinkets and it was amazing.

There were a couple of women, full out dressed head to toe in vintage. Like pinup styles, and 1960's styles, it was amazing. There was an area where you could have a cup of tea for £1, which was refillable! Which were served in lovely floral teacups. I also had a beetroot brownie, which was basically a brownie, but the beetroot made it super soft. It was mahooosive and only £1 :)

I can admit, alot of things here were overpriced. It was ridiculous how much people were willing to pay for vintage! I saw things that were nice, but thought i'd get them a million times cheaper at a carboot or charity shop! Some things were one of a kind finds, some were just overpriced vintage 'inspired'.. and not 'real' vintage. This made me thing about my prices, and how I feel that my prices are so cheap compared with these other companies! There were necklaces being charged at £28, and it costs next to nothing to make! I've decided to have a stall at the next one in December, so I will keep you posted on that. But I did find some things that were vintage and cheap :)

In reality, this dress has uber long sleeves, and is very very long. It looks like a nightie on! But i've tucked the sleeves and ruched it up on the pictures, because this is what my mum is going to do to it. It reminds me of somethig topshop would stock (and overprice!) but you can tell its genuine vintage. The lace and bows make it perfect for autumn AND summer! COST = £5

This is granny chic if I ever saw it! I ADORE this jumper, but my family and friends that I've shown it to aren't very keen. I love the argyle pattern and the strawberries, it's really kitsch! I'm a big fan of large jumpers, they look really pretty with jeggings and pumps. Also great for winter to keep you warm. Reminds me of my anchor nautical jumper I got from a vintage shop a while back, and it's the same price!COST = £6

So this is LOONG. It goes down to my ankles! But my mu is going to shorten it, and with the remaining left, she is going to make a nautical pencil skirt. I love this jacket, I was going to sell it on etsy but I'm not sure anymore, its GORGEOUS! The buttons have little anchors on them and everything. Sorry for the bad pictures, this one is sooo much better in real life. COST = Was £10, we got them to reduce it to £8!

I'm aware I need a new camera ASAP, so sorry that all my pictures on the blog are poop :( Besides that. what do you think of the NEW LAYOUT?! I really love it personally. I feel that the last layout and everything was abit too 'professional' and bland and didn't really show the side of our fashion i'd of liked. Florals are my absolute favooourite and I love the florals used on the layout. We also have a new etsy logo, so check that out too.

Sorry I took forever making a new post! Stuffs been going on, but I'm getting my act together and the shop is going under MAJOR revamping! So keep on checking back.
Let me know if you like the layout or not, and show me some of your lovely vintage finds! :)


Monday, September 21, 2009

You've got mail.

If I could choose to live anywhere I think it would be Hong Kong. Everything about it is so fascinating, the city, people and culture. I decided to buy a few things from there, as they sell the most adorable and quirky items.

This is my favourite thing out of them all. It's a lunchbox.. no really, it is! It has several layers and is actually pretty big. I can fit pasta and such in, with sweet things in one layer and maybe something savoury in the other layer, nuts maybe? Theres also a circular sized one (it's a burger, duh!) but it was smaller. I may buy it though, it's a great size for a bagel :)

The cutest things I have ever come across.. seriously! modcloth have some cute panda bear ones, but they're expensive for headphones, and the postage is also alot. I found these babies for £3.79! Thats cheap for headphones, let alone ones with ducks on!

I used pictures from the internet rather than take them myself, mine came out crap ;/ This is my new planner and I am in love with everything about it. It has cute and quirky images in it. Please check out more pictures here, as the pictures in it really are beautiful!

Sorry again, I'm slacking on the shop front. I've officially decided to change my layout.. ah! It's such a big change, but I will hopefully have got it done by next week. Don't worry, my logo with the plane and clouds is staying the same.

Thanks for all your lovely comments, and if you want to trade links, a comment on any post will do!

Sayonara! <3

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tutorial - Pocket Watch Necklace. <3

An old stopwatch, or pocket watch. Doesn't need to work.
A bow, or anything cute you want to add on
A bobble/elastic band
A long chain, or short, again depends on what you prefer.
Super super glue!
Metal link/hoop (that you find on necklaces)

1. Attach the bow to an elastic band/bobble with super glue. Make sure you leave it and top it up when needed for at least a day, having the bobble and bow attached securely is the most important bit.

2. Wrap the bobble around the top part of the stop watch (where you click down) to show how you want it to go. When happy, place the super glue underneath the bobble and such, so it's all in place. Most elasticated bobbles you can get around the thing twice, or more. Make sure the last possible wrap around is not glued!

3. Get a hoop and (this bits fiddly) shut it onto the bobble bit on the back. Make sure when you shut it, you include the chain.

4. Glue it all down, Trying not to get the hoop glued down, but you can if you want!

5. Keep glueing everything, to make it extra secure.

6. VOILA ;)

Sorry my instructions are VERY vague, any queries, comment below or email me and I will definately comment back. Have a go, it costs next to nothing and looks SO nice on! Tell me if you made your own too, would love to see what you guys have come up with!

The pocket watches can be found anywhere and everywhere! My lovely friend Joshua had this broken one on his floor in his room that he got from a carboot, he let me have it though :)

Also, I've got a lookbook. Hype Hype Hype!? ;D

Next blog post will be on my hong kong items and a few tidbits.
Look out for major revamp of our store and business cards!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Super duper caboot haul.

In advance, sorry for always talking about carboots and such. I don't like to 'brag' or whatever, It's because I want more people to shop there. I think shopping second hand is so much better for the environment and so much easier for your wallets! :) I am in the process of a guide on carbooting, It's hard cause I'm not really an expert.. I just look for things in depthly! But it's in the works.

I told you on my last post I wanted shabby chic stuff, OH MY! I feel so lucky to come across this grm. I've been ebaying for one and they come up for £60 + and I just haven't got the money right now. My mum is going to hand paint it cream, but its actually stunning. The price? £2. Absolute utter bargain. Out of everything I've ever bought (hey, you guys know thats ALOT!), this is probably my best bargain and my favourite :)

The blue bag is oh so vintage! I really like it, It's one of those items thats hard to pair with an outfit, it's also kinda hefty. But I'll figure it out. Plus, 50p? Why not! The lace white top on the right was £1, I love the lacey bit at the top, it's perfect. The black and white check shirt is not really baggy its sorta just normal, but it was £1 and I will pair is with some converse and skinny jeans for a casual day (I do have them!) - I know you love me rocking my primark pj's in the first pic ;)

First of all, the pictures for these are just AWFUL. I don't know why they came out so bad. Anyway, The first is a primark ruffley dress with a bow, it was only £2. I know I have a million party dresses but theres something about this one. The second.. is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! It's river island, was £1.50 and it is the most vintage-esuq girly beautifully detailed dress I have ever seen :') I wish the picture came out better but yeah, It's a beauty!

I spend 99.5% of my time in pyjamas at home, and the set cost 50p. They're so so cutee and I love primark pyjamas. They're so fleecy and pretty and great for winter. The shoes were also 50p.. which is amazing. They're so NEW and they're shoes! They aren't my style, I got them for my sister. But they were an amazing bargain.

The bag was 50p :| HOW AMAZING?! Topshop have one similar for like, £25? It reminds me of Alexa Chung and It's perfect with everything. The shirt I'm wearing was £1 and Is a shirt dress kinda thing. The belt, you've seen a million times before ;) Well This is what i wore to school. I cut off my face cause I hadn't put my make-up on and you know, you don't wanna see that sorta thing!

Bag - 50p, St Michael skirt - 50p, Primark Blouse - £1.00, OUTFIT TOTAL = £2

Okay so one day I hope I'm brave enough to wear it to school. It's the vintagest outfit I could have pulled together. The amazing part is they're all from the one carboot trip.. and I didn't even know they'd all go together! The skirt is long, i've just folded it in the picture. My mummy will be shortening it though. The blousey top is just very pretty and the bag well, you know how I feel about that!

I guess that's it! I was amazingly happy with what I got.. there's more stuff but I didn't think it was important enough to clutter this post with loads of pictures. Plus, some of them are going on ebay, so be sure to check them out.
If you follow me on twitter (if you don't, you should!) you may have seen my excitement of our first official sale of an item! I'm so so happy and also a little upset the beautiful dress is gone :'( But not to worry, you have a post about our packaging and new business cards to look forward to.

Sorry that this post is about me again. I'm doing a tutorial on the pocket watch necklace and on customising school folders oh so soon.. so please be patient with me.
Thankyou, genuinely, for your lovely comments. I ALWAYS try and comment back and I love you commenting, just cause I love browsing through your gorgeous blogs :)


Friday, September 11, 2009

Outfit of the week.

(the outfits go from tuesday-friday, go from left to right)

£1 West one dress from carboot
Belt, random!
Cheap very sheer tights from Primark
£5.00 Pixie boots, ebay!
Hair - Sleek and straight

I tried to get the effect of a punk style, without neccessarily just wearing all black. This dress was from the last sunday, I didn't post it in the small haul post cause I knew i'd wear it here. Pixie boots are really in and try and grab a pair off ebay! If not, primark will probably catch onto the fashion and do them cheap, so just wait until then :) I think this is perfect for school because its something you could get away with wearing in the day or night really, It was my more adventurous outfit to be fair though, but i think going punk once in a while is a must! :)

50p Check blue dress (included white thin belt), carboot
£1 Primark pumps, carboot
Hair - Curly

I can't say much about this outfit other than yes, this dress was 50p and I look like i'm wearing a picnic blanket. Most schools wouldn't approve of the 'above knee length dress' and my school doesn't, but I really couldn't care less, I can't wear this lovely girl dress with tights! Well, I was intending to wear them with my white tights but I couldn't find them :( My school didn't notice however. Anyway, moral of this is, always make time for a pretty dress! The day started out freezing and then warmed up later, which was so so lucky! Wearing curly hair with a check sortof dress looks so adorable.. all you need is a bow in your hair and you're like alice in wonderland!

£1.50 lacey top over vest, carboot
£6 Primark skirt, Primark
Same shoes as above
Hair - Messy wavy bob, clipped in with grips!

Oh, the 'secretary' look. I've done this so many times before, but this ones by far the best! I wore heels to school but I took them off before I took the picture and couldn't be bothered to put them back on. I think I looked abit too smart maybe, but the lacey blouse made it less work and more girly. Also, having my hair is a messy bun, rather than bang stright or curly, means i don't look too 'done up' This look is always something fun and I think every girl should try it. Very gossip girl and very daring, but you feel fantastic knowing you took the risk, trust me!

Large mens shirt
£8 Jeggings, ebay
£3 primark chanel style pumps, ebay
Necklace - HANDMADE! (:
Hair - Mega volume crazyness

I love this outfit! It's so so simple, yet chic. I'm very hesitant to wear necklaces with outfits (i never used to, they were my favourtie accessory!!) as they can be too clumpy. But this casual outfit meant one of the focal points was this gorgeous item. It was made by myself, and next blog post you'll be happy to hear, is a tutorial on how to do it yourself! Anyway, back to the outfit.. my hair is mega crazy on the pic. Is wasn't THAT volumised at school, i kept pumping it up before the picture was taken, heh, sorry! I was unsure that the length of the top was long enough to wear with jeggings, I use the same rule with jeggings as i do with leggings, no tops too short!! But it worked and I laav it :)

So they were my four outfits. Sorry, the lighting is CRAP, my camera is CRAP and I look CRAP. It just isn't working for me on any level whatsoever! Here are a few extra tips -

1. Don't conform. People may give you weird looks and say things like 'That strange girl is wearing huge glasses that aren't even real glasses', so what? As long as you are happy, it honestly doesn't matter. A top and jeans combo may suit some people every day, but it's not for me!
2. Don't show too much flesh/cleavage. It's still school, so there has to be a line drawn. Sometimes I may wear dresses and such quite high, but it's done in a tasteful way. As long as you don't dress 'slutty' for school, this rule can be broken in moderation.
3. Wear heels! Seriously. Buy a pair of 'comfy' heels (they exist you know) and wear them twice a month? I made a vow to wear them at least twice a week, which i'm hoping to keep!
4. Get bags to keep stuff in. Not bags to fit just your phone lipstick and purse in, seriously! A thick bag for around £30 is worth investing in, and it has to be big! Pretty little quilted chain bags are so cute and in right now but won't fit all those files and books in!
5. Bend the rules. At schools I bend the rules with the dress code alot. Like with the whole above the knee thing and so on. Uniforms especially, see how mcuh you can get away with fashion wise, e.g. personalising your uniform, wearing jumpers without their logos. With uniforms, wear skirts on ocassion :)
6. Dress casually if you want to. I'm the type of person to dress fancy for school, most people I know do not. Don't feel like you have to constantly look nice, it's only school! Sometimes jeans and a jumper with the right accessories looks just as nice!
7. Keep make-up low with a fancy outfit. And more make-up for a simple one. It balances it out more.
8. Don't be scared. So what if that girl from year 8 is wearing that same primark dress as you? You probably look better and just avoid any situations where you are near her. If you're in the same class and it happens, just laugh. It's never happened to me as of yet, but with primark bags it has. Oh no!
9. Dress for the weather. I never do this and it ruins my day. Yes, I know you wanna wear the pretty pumps today but theres 3 inches of snow outside. Wellies look just as good with the right outfit. Very festival chic!
10. Dress how you want in your own style and comfort zone. Never ever let anyone make you feel like you haven't got the right to wear what you want and express yourself in a certain way.

Sorry that this is another text heavy post. The next one is my 'pocket watch necklace' tutorial, so look out for that ;)

Have a lovely weekend everyone and thankyou for your lovely comments in my last post <33