Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or treat till the neighbours gonna die of fright.

So my Halloween came early. I went to a little party the day before because I kindof wanted to just stay in at halloween and watch scary films. This party was the definition of crap.
♥ Most girls were dressed half naked. It was embarassing.
♥ I didn't get in with my ticket as they were already full (which was UNFAIR). So i had to sneak inside!
♥ Some people weren't as lucky as me and didn't get in at all.
♥ Two guys got bottled and I even heard someone got stabbed. I don't know, I ran out when i saw the first guys head like, bleeding.
♥ It was full of badmans and sluts. Really, lets be honest.

So we left at 10:30 because the police arrived (yes, it was that crazy) and we just chilled for abit then I went home. My outfit was made by me and my mum.

Imyourpresent is one of my favourite etsy shops, ever. Kelly maked the most beautiful outfits and I wanted this one for halloween. She ran out!! :( So I decided to make one inspired by her beautiful design. It was more of a leotard though and wasn't as nice but me and my mum are so proud :') Even if it went unnoticed by everyone else there, I felt awesome. And my make-up wasn't that bad either.

I'm just glad I actually made an effort for halloween and didn't go all 'whorey'. I think it's just really sad girls feel like they have to dress that way for attention from guys. What kindof guys do you exactly want attention from, dressed like that?

Have a wonderful halloween everyone :)
I hope you all get into the spirit of actual halloween, and not get into 'The one time of year to dress as a WHORE' and if you do well, I suppose thats your choice!

Oh and don't drink too much!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lush Freshers Box.

You've probably all heard of the freshers box by Lush, because of it's amazing cheapness and lovely goodies packed inside! If you haven't, feel free to read me talk about it and if you have.. well.. you can still read about it haha :)

I needed to get a present for my mummys 50th birthday(!) so I roped my friend josh into coming to town with me. My sister had previously bought 2 freshers boxes because they were that good, and she kept banging on about it. So i knew I wanted one for my mum because, well, who doesn't like lush goodies?

In the box I got ~
♥ Santas Porridge Face Mask
♥ Green Body Scrub (everyone gets it)
♥ New Shampoo Bar (That's its actual name haha)
♥ 50g Noubar Soap
♥ 50g Karma Soap
♥ Skin Drink Mini Mousturiser
♥ Tea Tree Sauna face thing
♥ Normal sauna face thing
That's 8 things for £10!
Awesome, no?

Of course The soaps and shampoo bars I chose may be different to the ones you will choose, after all you can choose any, thats right ANY of the ones in store. Wooop! Here are a few of the things -

Skin Drink - Is a lovely little moisturiser for dry skin. Although the tin is a tester, it's great to pop in your bag for emergency dry skin!
New Shampoo Bar - "Stimulating spice shampoo bar for tired scalps suffering from hormonal hair loss. " I got this for my mum cause she turned 50 and, well.. You know.

This is the one item my mum is letting me keep because she 'doesn't really do face masks' Ohh my god. It smells of almonds and has cranberries in it. "Fruity nutrition for your face to revive your skin on the run-up to Christmas." - So I'm going to be able to review this properly, so I'll keep you posted on this beaut.

Because it's tempting to buy the specially wrapped presents in Lush, I got my freshers box and did it up myself..

With the little lush sticky thing, I wrote the contents on the side. Neat, huh? It's awesome for packaging I think AND I get to choose my own wrapping paper and the contents ANND we all know for £10 you get about 3 things in Lushes boxes. I also added red crepe paper because the silly body scrub was scratching the soaps! Eurgh. But other than that, aweeeesome :D

And then we decided to go to starbucks for a cup of tea. (Yes, I drink my tea with a straw, because I'm COOL)

I love town in Autumn (or fall), It's so pretty and dark and it just smells all leafy haha. When we were in Starbucks I couldn't stop smelling the goodies, they were so YUMMYYYY! Especially Santas Porridge..mmmmhm.
Little note: Not sure how long they will be doing these, wherabouts in the U.K they are doing them and if it's JUST in the U.K. Sorry!

Anyways onto more exciting news, ME AND RUTH ARE GOING TO SEE LADY GAGA! Shes touring in the UK and were going to see her in March or something, I can't believeeeeee it. I'm never bothered about gigs and such but Lady hello!?
Also, we FINALLY, after all the malarcky, have the CAMERA. I'm so excited to actually have nice pictures on the blog noww, and definately more outfit posts and such. These pictures weren't by the lovely new camera just cause it only arrived later on, but the camera is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I don't even want to touch it!

New hair soon, and all my new ebay items have come.
I feel like a new person!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Octobers - Top 5 Things I Love

I'm such a bad blogger! Argh! Thing is, I'd rather blog abit later than usual (6 days, ahh that's like a whole WEEK) than just blog about something unimportant. And craapy.

So anyway. As you may have heard, I'm a huuuge thrifter, carboot sale junky, etc. But unfortunately the carboots around me (The South Yorkshire ones) are unfortunately done for the season! But I attended a sortof jumble sale carboot thing on sunday which was not the best, but it was okay. But if there are posts lacking carboot hauls and stuff it's cause of that, but I'll try squeeze them in cause I get alot of positive comments surrounding them. ♥

I was wondering what to blog about and I came up with the Top 5 things I'm LOVING right now. It's not a tag or anything, but If you want to do it feel free to nab it :)

5. Wearing my hair like this. I love having the french braid side plait thing, Lauren conrad style. Mind you, this is very boho chic with the curls which I LOVE. It also looks nice with straight hair, and make sure you secure it with lots of grips and hair spray I'm getting a fringe soon so I won't really be able to do this, but I still love it :) (but not really loving this picture, yuck!)

4. Geek Glasses. Some hate the trend and some love it. I personally hate it on little scene kids who wear them because it just doesn't suit them.. they aren't COOL. On the other hand on a stylish outfit its laaavly and adds to the geek chic thing I'm loving right now (hello granny jumpers!) I don't like people popping out the lenses on their 'real D' glasses and calling them geek glasses. Not cool guys. Not cool.

3. Batiste dry shampoo. I don't think I need to say anything other than it's every girls HG item I would say. Recently my hair has been very prone to greasing and this baby makes me feel like I've just washed my hair. They also now do coloured ones, for black hair and others I think. This is great, cause as lovely as this item is, it does leave white marks in my hair sometimes, which makes me look like I've just baked a cake and forgotten to wash my hair. This is really *Heaven in a bottle* :)

2. Parties and stuff.. yeah.

1. This check shirt.

£2 from a carboot. Nuff said.

Hope you all have a nice holiday and I will hopefully do alot more blogging now I have the time :)
More importantly.. what are YOU dressing up as for halloween? :D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

120 palette & a bit of everything.

My 120 palette came FINALLY. I have been ranting for about 2 weeks that this palette was taking ages and was nearly at the end of my tether, but it came! yay!
It cost around £12, and my sister had previously bought one and I've heard loads about it anyways. The packaging is awful can I just say, It's not really protected much, so I've heard countless times that about 4-5 of the shadows break in transit.
I was uber uber lucky, none of mine broke, or even cracked! Heres some (really crap) swatches!-

Yellows&Oranges / Browns&Blacks&Whites / Greens / Turquoise&Blues
So you may thing I've swatched things twice, but some are VERY similar colours. The shimmer ones are alot more pigmented than the mattes and there are 120 of these! I can't believe it! My favourite colours have to be the blue/green colours, they're so pretty!
I'm excited to experiment as they're great for 'beginners' who are getting into make-up (like me!) & I recommend these palettes, just because it'as cheap doesn't mean they're crap, some are SO pigmented!

On Tuesday I ended up going into school, to find my teacher absent and that I had the afternoon off so it was a pointless journey, but I made a nice little effort, heres a OOTD, FOTD and HOTD haha :)

Jumper - Thrifted, £3.75 / Sandals - Ebay, £3.50 / Jeans - Primark, £8 / Bag - Thrifted, 50p

Can I also just say.. I really do not look like this is real life haha! I have a round face, It looks so ilongated here. I'm not that white, I'm NC44! And yeah, It's just a bad picture so sorrry! The top is beautiful, charity shop find of course! And just teamed it with pretty browns, the gladiator sandals were bought recently (Yes, I'm aware it's practically winter!) but they were uber uber cheap, at £3.50! My jeans are supposed to be skinny jeans, but they're clearly not haha I need new jeans :| Oh and
♥ I'm wearing MAC foundation, abitta bronzer and mascara and eyeliner, but not much, hence the crapness of the photo.
♥ I curled my hair with my straighteners and did random curls, they pretty much fell out ;/

I am expecting many many packages this week, I spent around £100 on ebay, I don't know why or even how, but I did. Including this yummy bag from Urban Outfitters, originally £38, for £28 off ebay (ahh!) Now you should know by now I'm a total thrifter, I like bargains and hardly ever pay £5 for a bag let alone £28 :| But thats what I did, I treated myself to more expensive things recently because I'm constantly watching my spending, and I had some spare moolah to spend so I did :D
And anyway they're all -
A) Second hand off ebay and
B) Alot cheaper than they are instore

So really I'm still being a little cheapscape!
So this was abit of everything really and in the coming week I'll make sure I show you my new buys.. they may take ages though cause here in the U.K theres a postal strike >:( argh!
No school next week and Halloween is soon.. AHHHHH :D
So lots of posts and getting the shop sorted, i'm so excited!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The lace collar dress & how to do it!

Brogues - Thrifted, £1.50 / Dress - Kids department of Primark / Lace collar - Ebay, £2.00?

For ages, I wanted the YUMI dress that had been seen on Sienna Miller! My sister had the contrast version (White dress with black collar) and I was uber jealous! I already had a cheap Primark lace dress, so when my mum purchased a cheap lace collar off ebay, I knew what I wanted to do and how simple it was!

You need ~
♥ Lacey collar (There are some cheap ones here, & here)
♥ Cheap lace dress, or any dress really!
♥ Needle & thread

1. Whilst wearing your chosen dress, Take the lace collar and pin it to where you want it to be. The first time round I just pinned it flat, and it ended up not being in the middle! So it's best to pin whilst on yourself, or even someone else, just to get it right :)

2. Sew it on with a needle and thread, making sure to pin the ends down as they will fold over otherwise.

3. DONE! :)

If you follow me on twitter then you will have seen I'm thinking about getting a FULL FRINGE! If anyone has one or used to have one, please give me advice because it's such a big step and I also have a very small forehead, so thats an obstacle I need to tackle!
Hope you liked this little DIY post :)
I have no idea what the next post will be on, but hopefully it won't be too poop!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Botanics - A mini review ♥

So I went to the carboot a fortnight ago, and I picked up these pretty nifty botanics things for 50p altogether! Which of course, was a lovely little bargain. I've heard many great things about botanics, they're a line by boots which are cheap and i've heard quite effective. I used all 3 everyday for a week, heres what I found :D

Say hello to crap quality? My mum still has my camera, eurgh! So my phones camera it is haha, until I get it back :)

1. Day Shift Moisture Lotion -
Tops up natural moisture levels for 12 hours, with honey and rice extract.
The smell of this is lovely! It's quite clean and not overpowering, with a sweet scent to it. I used this in the morning instead of my usual Clinique one. Of course it's hard to compare against clinique, but I found this one actually is quite hydrating! I have dry skin and I notice a difference, at school my face stayed pretty moisturised and smelt good too. Great for dry skin and a good substitute for more expensive moisturisers. (£3.91)

2. Purifying face scrub -
Sweeps away dead skin cells, contains quillaja extract to draw out impurities.
I haven't used that many face scrubs as I feel they grind on my skin, but this one was alot softer than the previous ones I have used and it genuinely left my face feeling refreshed!It's quite a large bottle so it will last a long time, however I realised a little does go a long way. Was pleasantly surprised with this baby! (£3.91)

3. Revitalising body lotion -
Ginger and ginkgo extracts to hydrate skin for 12 hours.
This was just a lovely little moisturiser I used on my hands and arms at school whenever they fell abit dry. Again, lovely smell, not too overpowering and did keep my hands all lovely and soft. Not a particular standout product, but genuinely a nice little bottle to pop into your bag if you do not want to take an expensive one!
(I can't find this on the boot website, woops!)

So overall a lovely little line! I like that they're very natural and refreshing, the smell is also very light and fresh. With alot of moisturisers they're always very perfumey and sticky and not all that great. I'd definately recommend trying anything from this line, they have a range of things to choose from :)

Did you like this post? I want to add a few more beauty reviews and such, but only if you would like to see a few more! When I reach 200 followers (well, if I do!) I will be having a beauty giveaway with Urban Decay make-up and other things. But, I'm still waiting to have my 35 followers giveaway and I only need 8 more followers, so pretty please click this button? >> follow

Next post will be on how to add a vintage twist on a simple dress.
Until then my dears!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Topshop on the cheap? is a site that sells cheap clothes, sortof like primark.. only better! The service is super duper fast, I got my clothes 2 days after I'd ordered. The postage is a flat rate of £4, so no matter how much clothing you buy.. it's always £4 :) If you live in Ireland (where the company is based) you can also pick them up for free from their warehouse (but you can still order in Ireland!). They also do mens clothes (The GINO bit is the mens and the NV bit is the womens) The reason I love this store is that it's postage to the U.K is so so cheeeeap! It's like our UK answer to forever21 :D

If I saw one of these items in topshop it wouldn't surprise me, these are the sort of things that they stock! The lace detail dress and floral crop/dress are so similar to the ones in store! I couldn't link all of them, just my favourites.
(Note: They may not still be in stock by the time this post has been published!)

Of course I cannot rave about how great the store is without actually having purchased a few things, but I did a while back and I bought 3 beautiful dresses for 3 very seperate occasions!

(Floaty summer dress - £10) (Purple/Pink dress - £7) (Bodycon stripey dress - £9.99)

They also have amazing service. I ordered an anchor top, but a mistake was made and they didn't actually have it in stock. They didn't charge me for it so it was fine, but just for the trouble, they sent me a free watch worth £5 :) I'm not a watch person but my mum loves them and the best part is, it was free! I think it was very nice of them to do that, even though the whole thing wasn't even a problem.

Hope you liked my little bit about the site, it's nice for people to know if someones actually purchased from there before. My next post will be a beauty one.. I'm gonna start doing a mix on this blog I think, beauty and fashion :)
More exciting news is.. me and my mum have the money for a nice new camera and we'll be ordering it soon. So we'll be having new photos for the shop and actually good quality pictures for the blog haha. The next post should be up in about 3 days (not 6 like this one, ohh my!)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mini beauty haul & 80's themed party.

I'm getting alot more into make-up recently. Not really 'wearing' it more, but more just intrigued by it. I got some very cheeeap things from town and thought i'd have a beauty haul :) Something different for once!

The swatches are abit poop, the lighting was dark as it was in the evening. I won this off Zoe's blogsale for a fiver (including P&P!) and it's lancome and an absolute baaargain! It's the first time I've got something off a blogsale, but when i heard she was having one I had to have a go! I missed out on a few other things, but the duo palette was one of the ones i definately wanted :) Thanks Zoe, the package is loveely! Check out her blog here.

Again the swatches are craapppy! These are two pigments from primark (hah!) and they were 50p for both! Ahh! There were other pigments, butI got this one for the hot pink. They are pretty good for 25p each to be honest.. plus, It's only for a one off party. Primark had loads of 50p makeups there, so go and check them out. Some are ridiculously naff and some are actually quite good!

If you follow me on TWITTER, you will have seen that i wanted a primer, (mainly Urban decy primer potion!) but it costs alot of money. I bought this 'shimmer stick' for £1.79? It's actually pretty good for keeping eyeshadows on and gives it a pretty metallic sheen! Again, a cheap thing for this one party, but I will probably be able to use it again :) Shimmer sticks are great for cheap primers! The swatches with and without it show a massive difference aswell, makes the primark pigment really POP!

The party I've been going on about? Our school hosted a sixth form '80's themed' party! It was amazing, and I went all out, opting for a Madonna/Lady GaGa influenced style. My make-up also lasted all night, which was amazing :)

♥ Silver shimmer stick all over lid and bottom lashes
♥ Primark pink pigment all over lid, and under eye
♥ Primark black pigment on the outer corner, and bottom outer corner
♥ Natural collection kohl eyeliner top & bottom
♥ Collection 200 waterproof mascara
(Sorry about my eyebrows, need MAJOR plucking haha)

~and here are some pictures from the night :)

♥ Leopard print leotard - £11 off ebay
♥ Wet look topshop leggings- £1 carboot!
♥ Old black conversewith hot pink laces - Had them for years!
♥ The hair? - Backcombed it like craaaazy!

Sorry for lack of posts, this weekend was pretty hectic! A new post *hopefully* Will be on how to get topshop clothes cheaper, so check that out. I also want to feature a couple of things coming on the shop at some point in time! I only need a few more followers until my next giveaway, so please follow. I'm so so so excited because the things I'm ready to give away are SUPER CUTE! :D