Monday, November 30, 2009

Contest winner and vintage goodies.

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19: Claire @ SittingPretty!
Congratulations! You get £25 store credit at my etsy shop!
and the two runners up are -

Harriet @ inevitablymodful
Hannah @ London--Rose

This was chosen by me, as these two had lovely detailed answers and deserved to get the £5 store credit, because they took time thinking about it :)
Thanks so much for entering, and in about a weeks time I'm having my 50 follower contest so please keep your eyes peeled!

Okay so on the saturday, me and Ruth travelled into Sheffield for a vintage shop! BANGBANGVINTAGE had a 50% sale off!!!! So naturally we went. Of course I'm going to have to add this huge haul onto another post along with the kilo haul. Phew. That's alot of haulage! Overall I've spent £85 on vintage clothes in the past week or so. It's crazy!
This is what I wore to school today. I wore my geek glasses too.

Argyle Jumper, Banbangvintage - £7.50 (reduced from £15)

Blazer, Cancer reasearch charity shop - £5.00 / Floral tulip skirt, Oxfam - £2.99
And then we went into the charity shops and I picked up these two beauties.. I'm on love! I've wanted a blazer like this for SOO long, and the skirt was so lovely and cheap :) Together they look great, too.

Here are a few ideas for christmas presents I stumbled across!:

Who doesn't like lush gifts? Someone buy me the Lush Legends plz? :D

Charity shops sell amazing christmas presents, from clocks and piggy banks to vintage victorian dresses!

Everyone loves a balloon! :')

Vintage shops and fairs - every girl loves vintage.. and it's great when it's a bargain ;)

Republic have lovely sequined clothes at the moment and they're pretty cheap! Not really a fan of the shop but the clothes they have in at the moment are quite nice!

Seriously, if you ever want to go on a fashion trip.. screw London, Sheffield has the cheapest and most amazing vintage clothes I've ever seen! I really think we should all have a big blog meetup there, plus it's not far from me ;)
Hope you all had a fab weekend! First of December tomorrow.. AGHH! I cannot WAIT for christmas :D

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pedicures on our toes, trying on all our clothes.

So I'm very sorry for posting kinda late again, 5 days? Seriously? I'm sorry! Well I have two outfit posts, so hopefully you guys will forgive me ;)
So I wanted to do a haul post but I was sleepy when I got home (again, sorry!) But I did wear these two outfits to school, Monday & Tuesday, and two items are from the vintage kilo fair, so you can have a taster. I promise the full haul will be up soon!

So the item that I got from the vintage sale is the check shirt. I love it so much, especially when I saw one on Sadie, I knew I wanted one! Oversized check shirts are a favourite of mine atm. I just teamed it with my pixie boots, thick wooly tights and my UO bag, Of course!

This baby! This dress wasn't from the vintage fair, it's some random dress I thrifted. It was HUUGEEE and my mum took it in, and added the white lace.. voila! It was a completely different (and ugly!) dress before haha, but added with a white belt and my lovely brogues..perfect! The scarf is from the vintage fair, and I wanted DESPERATELY a thick white one like carries. Hers is bigger and thicker however *sniff* but it's still warm.. and vintage! And sorry about the quality on the full length one, I couldn't find a decent pic and the only decent one was abit crappy.

Sorry about not including the price, but because it was per kilo, I needed to properly work it out. I got 8 things for £45 (I know, it actually hurt me so much to pass that over) And that Equals £5 each! That's amazing! I love all of the items, and a couple are going on ebay, for the pure fact that kilo sales are the place where you impulse buy and well.. I have bought about 3 things that are WAY too similar to things I already own! haha. On my big haul post I will share all of the items with you, including a BEAUTIFUL floral dress :) .. Yes, I'm aware it's winter. Meh.
Oh and Me and Ruth are going to a vintage shop Saturday, with a big sale on and cupcakes, so maybe I can team that haul with the kilo fair one? (Although I'm dreading how much I will spend here as it's 50% off. Someone take my money off me plzzzz)

The 50 followers contest.. which was a 35 follower contest and should now be a 60 follower contest.. will be up SOON! :D I'm so so excited because it's such a quirky piece of jewellery (yes, you heard right!) and I think all the people who follow my sortof style will LOVE it. Keep watching or follow me on twitter, because It will be up ASAP :)
P.S. I think my fringe makes me look so different! Anyone else agree?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I actually went out on a Saturday..

And Believe me, thats some crazy achievement. So is waking up EARLY on a saturday. I think thats something to be proud of!

"Hey thurr!"

Sheffield had ANOTHER Vintage fair. Manchester has a few from time to time, but they aren't as frequent, plus Sheffield is actually beautiful♥
So I got up nice and early and made my way into sheffield city centre for the vintage kilo fair. (With thanks to tasha for telling me about it in the first place!)It is probably the best idea since sliced bread. It costs £15 per kilo, and the clothes are amazing, that's no joke! Vintage is usually overpriced, but because it per kilo, it's just whatever. It's super duper better when you bung in light stuff too :) Well I decided to take pictures for the event, and in return they let me in for free and half an hour earlier than everyone else, so I got lots of goodies!
It wasn't really busy, which I liked, because other vintage fairs are just full of people and sweat. Ew.

I'm happy with my phototaking, too. Here are a couple I took

And yes, the fluffy things in the box on the first pic are russian style hats haha :) They had everything, berets, belts, shoes, dresses, knitted jumpers. It was amazing! I'll show you my vintage haul on the next post, of course! I got 8 things and here they are (in a jumbled up pile)

The a detailed haul post of these items should be up soon!

OH! And nearly forgot, I got two lovely awards :)
First from bitsoffluff

It's one of those, name 7 facts about yourself, so here I go!

1. I don't get Cheryl Cole. She can't sing and shes annoying. Whats the buzz?
2. I sometimes regret not taking subjects that are more suited to creativity and such, because I think thats where my heart truely lies.
3. I love Japanese culture and Anime/Manga. It's the most fascinating and exciting culture and I grew up watching Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z as a child.
4. I had an accident as a child which I should have died from. Miracle child right here!
5. I hate girls that - lead boys on, flirt excessively, wear too much makeup, and girls who are orange, are really needy, are boy pleasers and just many many other things. I get annoyed by alot.
6. I'm well known by my friends for not liking anyone.. haha. But I'm genuinely a NICE person, I honestly believe I am. I just see the bad in people too much. I need to chill.
7. I don't think anyone sees me as being a very cool person, for the pure fact that I enjoy having weekends in just on my computer and playing my old school Playstation 1 games (Spyro, Crash Bandicoot anyone?) but I've accepted that I'm not cool. And thats okay.. :D

And then this award from Georgie@Sequinsandbeads

"The recipient must list seven traits about themselves and then pass it on to seven bloggers who deserve recognition for the personality they share on their blogs"
I am: Polite, Independent, Childish, Blunt, Geeky, Procrastinating and alittle funny?
haha :) I pass this onto:
Oh emma
drink tea be content
Fashion Pix
Paper Heart
the rock and cool blog

There will be a post on the vintage haul and more importantly, the 50 followers contest. Please enter the £25 voucher contest!! It won't end till the 30th.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gossip Girl Style : Military blazers And NEW HAIR :)

(Theres still time to enter the contest in the post under this!)

Vintage Blazer, Ebay - £32 / New Look Brogues, Thrifted - £5 / Motel Dress, Ebay - £17 / Heart Necklace - Thrifted /
I've decided to do a Gossip Girl style series, I'm not sure how great it will be, we shall see :) First of all I HAVE NEW HAIR. Well, Fringe, heh. Likeys? I also feel like such a new person. The blazer makes me feel ultra chic along with the brogues and dress. I love this outfit and wore it on my first day back from the swine week off and felt uh-mazing. Along with the new hair ;)

Here is a little collage I did to inspire you -

Military and sailor -esque blazers are still in (in my opinion) for autumn, especially! Also, you can look ultra chic AND warm. Believe me, I've been there when you wear something HAWT and your big baggy coat just ruins it all. meh. Well Blazers are my answer!
I think theres many ways of wearing them.
♥ Blair waldorf, Girly and sailor -esque, the collar adds to the detailing and I think it compliments her well. She has a very simple and beautiful face and simple features.
♥ With Jenny I think my outfit resemble her one more. It's quite punk, I think teaming it with biker boots is something you HAVE to do! Also aviators are genious and what every girl should have for their punk wardrobe (although it's freezing here, so mebbe not)
♥ Serenas is pretty but not as girly as blair. Her colours are light, opting for a rare shade and style of blazer, with the sailor badge. Skinnies with this would look best for a pretty casual yet sophisticated look.

TOP TIP: Save money by buying a cheap charity shop blazer. Change the buttons to gold sailor looking ones and buy a sailor iron on badge off ebay. Viola! Cheap yet effective.

In other news, The prize for the 50 follower contest has arrived so that will be up shortly and please please please enter the shop contest, thankyou!
Works getting harder and harder but I'm determined to keep my blog up to date. So bear with meeee.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Grand re-opening!

(The official STOCK POST, where you can find all my items in STOCK can be found here)
Click the pictures to be taken to the place it's being sold :)

So as many of you actually may not know, I have an etsy shop. It came to a slow down because I didn't have good picture, the clothes needed taking in and school work got in the way, etc.

The lovely model there is Ruth, and she is modelling less than half of our stock! Sorry for some of the bad lighting, It's really dark and dingy here in Britain AND toward the end it went pitch black. I had to use my lamp haha! Which is why come look abit dark and orangey.
So for the grand Re-Opening (or just sorting it all out-ing) I'm having a super duper fun contest.. woop!? The voucher is for my shop, obviously haha.

£25 voucher contest
CLOSED! Thanks all who entered! :)

Thats it! Feel free to tweet it to others, as that would kindly help me out :)
Also watch out for my blog followers contest which I *still* need to do, ha!
Please enter, I'm trying to get it all back on track and it sounds lame but, I would love my blog followers help :) And feel free to purchase stuff, too.
Check out the stock post, as if you do not have an etsy account and want something, I'm happy to come to an arrangement to do it via ebay or just paypal :)
Or email me at with the subject - Shop.

Thank you all so much and please enter! :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I have swine flu.

So yeah, like the title says, I've got the old swine. It's not really a big thing, however if you follow me on twitter, you will have seen my tweets consisting of IM SO ILL etc. It's just like normal flu, however I hardly EVER get ill, so being ill for a week is hard for me :( haha

So I just wanted to update you really! I'm really trying to get the 'photoshoot' together for the shop, but unfortunately because of my illness, I'm not sure how long it will be till this happens. But when it's all up and running I'm having a contest for a £25 voucher (woooah!) for the store and two £5 vouchers for runners up. So sorry for the wait and stuffs but it will be worth it.

Hopefully I'll be better soon my dears :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I wish.

I'm having on the those times in my life where I don't feel confident enough to photograph (minus the last post ahha) Because I want to get so many different things changed, including a much needed fringe and new wardrobe!

I wish I could take millions of polaroids of beautiful things everyday.

And it didn't look like this outside.

I wish we had a dishwasher.

And that I ate organic and healthy food everyday.

I wish I had money

And that I owned these from the Giles Deacon collection at New Look.

What do you wish for? Have a lovely week my beautifuls.
Oh and I hit 40 followers so the contest will be up ASAP! Keep your eyes peeled for that and the shop, it's getting there! It may be a 50 followers contest instead of 35 haha, seen as I've gone past the 35 mark, sorry the wait guys!

Thanks so much Miss Vintage Vixen & Bits Of Fluff
I also have accomplished this blog award by two different people without saying thankyou and listing some blogs I like. The rules or whatever for passing on this award is to list quite a few new blogs I like or something. But I'm just going to list my top 3.
1. Wishwishwish - My favourite blog, always has been. Carrie has a beautiful style and essence that makes her blog so wonderful!
2. She Craves Mascara - Josie is someone I wish I was best friends with haha, she says the funniest things on her blog, she has an amazing style and I'm jealous of her height!
3. Sadies Wardrobe - Sadie has a lovely thrift style, alot similar to mine, only shes way more classy! She loves carboots and charity shops, so her posts are such a lovely read :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

'In the summertime when the'... maybe not.

H&M Coat - £15, ebay / Pixie boots - £5, ebay / Urban Outfitters Bag - £28, ebay / Dress - Vintage, £5

Is it just me, or can you just by looking at this picture, tell that it is cold? Today was FREEEZING. I'm sorry but I never dress for the weather, and even I was wearing a coat!

The tights are a funny story. I woke up (still half asleep, at 7am, as you do!) and found my very very translucent tights and realised I would DIE with one pair of thin tights on. So I found my little sisters flourescent pink tights, and put them underneath. VOILA! Lovely purple tights and they go with my outfit so, thats always a plus. Oh, and recognise this dress? You should.

This was taken on my new ultra cool camera! You may think 'that's not good quality', well I think it's lovely and especially considering I'm still playing with the settings! Oh and my little sister took these pictures, shes a little photographer in the making :)

Lots of work, so I hope I do not fall behind on the blog front!
How were your holidays, and how are you dressing up for winter? I need to invest some nice thick wooly tights, thats for sure!