Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy 1 year bloggerversary!

Today is the 1 year anniversary of when I started this blog.. oh my! It doesn't feel like it has been that long, and I think it is because I have changed so much this past year.
On my last post I said I would answer some questions, so here I go! I also got alot more questions via email then I expected, I'm guessing I have alot more anonymous readers than I first thought!:

I'd like to ask what you do for a living or are you a student?
I don't currently have a job (I probably should have one) so I have to rely on ebay sales as my source of income. And yes, I am currently a student :)

What do you want to be when you're older?
Good question! I really want to go into fashion journalism I guess, but anything to do with styling and promotion sounds good too. To be honest I'm not 100% sure.. it was only this year that I decided I wanted to do fashion. Before that I was focused on being academic and then I finally realised that I'm definitely a more creative person, and it doesn't make me any less intelligent for wanting to go into fashion. But yes, anything to do with fashion I guess! Although I do get scared about the whole materialistic side that fashion brings sometimes, but I think it's the creatvie side of it that I would enjoy the most.

Im so jealous of your fabulously long hair, how long did it take to grow?
Haha, thankyou! To be honest I haven't had my hair cut for around 3 years. I don't get it trimmed because my hair is very fickle.. if I get it properly trimmed it will go all flicky naturally, and then I'll have to straighten it everyday. Because I haven't had it trimmed my hair is quite naturally wavy, but it settles quite straight and doesn't get all flicky and annoying. I don't recommend that, but thats just what my hair is like! I chop off the split ends myself.

If you could only use three makeup products for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Argh, okay..I would say my liquid foundation (not a fan of the powder stuff) which is Mac studio sculpt in Nc44, my favourite mascara, maybelline colossal and errrm... I'm not sure which else? Oh and my concealer, trick & treatment by soap and glory. That's pretty much all I wear on a regular basis anyway haha!

Your eyelashes are really long, what mascaras do you use?
I usually use just two. A fat brush for the top lashes and a plastic wand for the bottom. Currently it is colossal mascara on the top and max factor lash extension effect on the bottom. But I do switch it up from time to time, I am not too fussed about mascaras as most are fine for me!

What are your top tips for finding stuff at carboots? (I can't find anything like you do!!)
I will do a big fat post on this, tips, my advice etc. I promise, it's on my to do list haha, so look out for that :)

Biggest fashion no-no?
UGGS. But I think I speak for everyone when I say that. I also really dislike tassles, furry coats and animal prints, but thats just my personal taste. I think it looks good sometimes but very rarely!

How do you keep your hair so healthy and nice looking?
Like above, pretty much explained that I don't really look after my hair. But I will go through my hair routine when it's damp, which is what I reckon keeps my hair looking not so damaged (even though it really is!)
I use ego boost split end mender by bedhead on the ends of my hair, Bedhead superstar serum on the crown of my head, beadhead thickening spray spray all over. Occasionally I'll change the bedhead serum for my tigi catwalk thickening mousse, just depends on whats handy first. I also use Tressemme heat defence then blowdry (I don't always blowdry throghout, but focus majorly on my crown and fringe. I sometimes leave the ends to dry naturally)
THEN, When properly styling, I use aussie heat defence if I am straightening or curling my hair, which I don't do everyday. Finally, my hairspray of choice is the aussie volume and gloss (definitely my favourite hairspray, smells amazing and makes my hair actually look volumized!) I have quite thick/long hair so I use quite alot of product and they don't make my hair heavy, but more texturized so it's easier to style.

Do you have a boyfriend, sorry if this is too personal!
Nah don't worry, no I don't and I am very much happily single!

You talk about your sisters alot, are you the oldest?
I have an older sister who is 23 and a younger sister who is 12. I am infact the middle child!

Whats the most out-there thing you've ever worn?
Haha, What I wore to see lady gaga by faaaar:
But I mean it was to see Lady GaGa so it was okay. I do love the bustier top, shame I haven't really got anywhere else I can wear it to though!

What are your boundaries when it comes to fashion? What items would you definitely never wear?
This is a toughie. The last question I showed you my gaga outfit which was quite showy and kinda slutty, but I think it was more I was dressing up to see lady gaga more than anything. I think fashion shouldn't have boundaries, as cheesey as it sounds. I think when girls walk out into clubs wearing next to nothing, thats not fashion and I think girls who dress like that are looking for attention from guys, not to make a fashion statement. But I think sometimes when someone goes out wearing something provocative like Lady GaGa or Taylor Momsen.. they're doing it for fashion and for themselves. And I appreciate that more than the girls in the clubs. Saying that though, Taylor Momsens style is definitely too slutty in my opinion and I would never wear anything like that. I don't dress conservative, I do wear short shorts sometimes or a crop top now and again but I do have boundaries.. I'd never wear a crop top and short shorts together. Too much skin on show, haha!

I suppose that the point of wearing vintage clothes is maybe a statement, kind of "I choose to wear vintage clothes because I don't want to wear what everybody else is already wearing and because I don't want to follow the trend that this and that brand wants to impose", now the truth is that the vintage style has already become one of the most popular trends all over the world. Does it bother you at all? Why do you choose vintage items?
I love this question! Yes, it does bother me a little, and especially as the big guns like topshop and co have started to make 'vintage dresses'.. what? That's not vintage, thats factory made, you can't call it a vintage dress! I think it's annoying because people like vintage for all the wrong reasons. My favourite things about vintage are that they are pretty unique, and there is a story behind each item. It amazes me to think how many people could have worn the item that I am wearing when it's vintage! I think the vintage style is also just very 'me'. But it does bother me and it's annoying that it's become a fad rather than something people choose because they enjoy the fashion. That being said though, vintage can be hard to find in your size, and for a cheap price. Ig uess topshop is good for vintage inspired clothing because the real artcile can be hard to obtain, and I do shop there so I can't bash it.. but it's still a little sad that some girls think dressing vintage is about buying all the vintage looking clothing from topshop!

What subjects did you take at A level?
History, Politics and English Literature. They sound very academic and fancy but I'm not that great at subjects at school if I'm honest. Politics is definitely one of those subjects that is as boring as it sounds.

What is the greatest gift you have ever received?
I recieved quite a few nice things from my ex boyfriend, I have to admit.I think a bracelet he got me that I wore everyday was a very special gift to me. My mum also got me a heart pendant when I was 13 that is engraved, thats pretty special too. I'm very sentimentle too, so I much prefer something that means something than something expensive anyday! :)

Are we going to have a South Yorkshire/Sheffield based Blogger meeting?
I really hope so! I've got lots of stuff planned in the summer so I'm not sure when I'll be able to set it up, but I will give people enough warning. I'm very excited!

Do you drive? what car do you own?
Nope, I cvan't afford it and it is a well known fact I would be a TERRIBLE driver. I have road rage just sitting next to my dad in the car :| I don't own a car but my dad owns a really ugly big green car that has 3 seats in the front. It is very comfy inside, which probably makes up for the fact it's so ugly on the outside!

What's the best item you have ever bought?
HAHA worst question, ever! I don't think I can choose :( Actually, I will choose my favourite item of clothing, which is this:
I've only worn it once :( it is vintage with gold beading and it is my favourite thing ever. It was £20 off a vintage seller off ebay. It's just so pretty!

What are your 10 makeup/hair essentials you couldn't live without?
I think I've pretty much answered this, but I guess if it's can't live without then it may be different:
Clinique dramatically different mousturiser
Trick & treatment concealer
Mac studio sculpt foundation in NC44
Colossal maybelline mascara
Collection 2000 liquid liner
Aussie/Tresseme heat defence (either is fine!)
Bed head either catwalk thickening/beadhead superstar serum
Ego boost by bed head
I guess the urban decay primer potion too?
To be honest I could probably live without half of them, but these are my favourite :)

What's your favourite book?
Noughts and crosses will always be my favourite, it was the book I read at 13/14 that effected me alot. I also love catch 22/to kill a mockingbird/Harry potter and the deathly hallows. I don't really have a specific genre but I do enjoy adventure type books. Some of the books I have read are under 'reading' in my sidebar.. alot of them are re-reads, because I love re reading favourite books :)

Thanks for all your questions, and sorry that I am a very boring person! There are going to be ALOT of surprises coming on this blog throughout the next 2/3 posts, and they are pretty exciting, and I tell you one...

I am getting a new layout.

I am SO excited, It's actually all designed and pretty much finished, but I need to sort stuff out (even more surprises) to go with it so that has to wait. It's alot plainer than the current one but I'm happy with it :)

But now for the surprise for this post.
Guess who bought a new Nikon d3000 camera?

MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I have been saving for AGES to buy this camera, and trust me, without a 'proper' income, it's been hard! I wouldn't usually just be like 'oh wow look I got an expensive new camera', but I worked SO HARD to buy it, and I wanted to let you all know that my blog pictures will now be in ALOT better quality! Hurrah! Lets just call it a birthday present to this blog too, because thats pretty much the only thing I've got it for!

Keep your eyes peeled for more 'exciting' stuff, and Sorry but that winner of the Disney Couture contest will be on the next post, not this one (sorry!) I've been busy with stuff but it will be up eventually.

Ask me (almost) anything!

With the one year bloggerversary approaching on the 1st of August, I was thinking that you don't *really* know loads about me. I like to be quite ambigious about where I live, what I do, my age etc. because I feel like giving too much away on the internet can be dangerous.

So a few questions I won't answer (not because I'm really secretive, just because I'm being cautious!) but aside from that, ask me almost anything by commenting on this post! Questions about my favourite style icons, pieces of clothing I own, my favourite shampoo.. stuff like that I think will be best. The questions will be answered on the birthday post on the 1st along with a few birthday surprises.. about 4 of them! I may also pop some of my own bog standard questions in there that I think may be good ones to answer, if you haven't asked them me already! And feel free to email me answers aswell if you don't have a blogger account as I don't allow anonymous comments on posts.
Please don't expect the answers to be interesting. I'm a very boring person in real life, I promise!

Oh and here are a few new-ish purchases/gifts that I haven't blogged about yet -

I know what you're thinking 'Kavita you own about 239p473865 brown satchel type bags'.. I know, it's terrible! But this one was a present off my mummy, who got it for £4.99 from a charity shop. It's SO vintage and pretty and it was a present so.. you know.

I'm not going to pretend that these are real, because my sister bought them me from China when she went and they cost her about £7. So I highly doubt they are real, but they are BEAUTIFUL. And I definitely would have never got a yellow pair, and when my sister gave me them I was a little unsure, but they are the perfect colour for summer!

These were £2.50 off ebay? Or something. They are so cute and very me!

30p from a jumble sale. I've wanted some polka dot tights aswell.. result!

The kite runner was bought brand new with a book token I found under my bed (still valid, crazy right?) and the curious incident was bought by my sister for me from a charity shop (unsure of the price) Some more books to get reading then!

Thats it then for my little haul. Please don't hesitate to ask me questions, and don't be offended if I don't answer some!

The winner of the disney couture contest will also be announced on the 1st (pretty big post!) and soon after the 1 year bloggerversary contest will be up. *phew* that's alot of shizz going down on my blog!
See you soon, and ask away!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sundays best.

Hello! I have another caboot haul for you today :)
I am the worst kindaof British person - I hate when it is hot or cold weather! I complain allllllll he time, even when it's a gorgeous day. I complain because it's just TOO hot! And sunday was no different, my god! I mean I was glad it wasn't raining as carboots get cancelled, but good grriiief! There was a cunning carbooter who has frozen drinks for 50p and it pretty much saved my life going round the carboot!

Here are the haul items I'm selling on ebay due to needing money!:
This is a lovely little new look skirt and was £1.

Topshop layer skirt, was £1.

Topshop grey shawl, fits perfect with all the A/W collections coming out at the momennt - 10p!!!!! There were some students selling loads of stuff for 10p cause they just wanted rid. I got a brand new eyecurler from them for 10p too.

Brown shoes - £1

Patent brown clutch - £1

My absolute favourite buy, these are AMAZING. They are too big for me :'( Literally heartbroken to be selling, they were £1 and are a size 5/6

H&M baggy top - 10p, From the students.

Now stuff that I am keeping for myself!
Floral long skirt, £1.50. Going to take this up, looks perfect for A/W fashion.

Lovely high waisted trousers by st michael that I cut into shorts. These are for children aged 12! They are SO tight on me.. but I'm keeping them anyway haha they're too nice not to. They were 50p :)

This was 50p , and I cut it up and it's now a tie up polka dot top. Think it turned out pretty good!

H&M grey cardigan - 50p.

Grey knitted scarf - 50p

Gooooooooorgeous vintage sunglasses, my favouties are the brown rimmed ones - 50p each.

Black leather belt, £1.

And now possibly my favourite buy...
I got this vanity set haggled down from £4.00 to £3.50 haha, It is so so pretty! It goes perfect with my new dresser and wardrobe (pictures up soon, promise!) and with the whole gold and cream shabby chic theme of my room. Gorgeous!

Tomorrow if the last day to enter this contest, so get entering asap!
Should be getting my new SLR camera by next week at the latest.. I can't even contain my excitement, ahhhh! Have a lovely week :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Primark haul.. it strikes again!


So you may all be aware I'm not a really fan of primark, just cause it's where EVERYONE shops, it's a little generic and I don't really like their exploitation of workers etc. But In this economic climate, I can't really afford to get my essentials (vests, pants) from anywhere else. Hypocritical? Kinda. But I guess thats life! So i popped into meadowhall with my little sister to buy some essentials today.

But I happened to spend more than I wanted (40 flippin' pounds!) because I came across these items which formed an outfit which.. I'm not too sure about really.


The tunic style top reminds me of the topshop one shoulder flute dress, only it's cheaper, at a lovely £10. I wasn't sure about it to be honest, and I'm still not. The whole 'tunic top with leggings' is a little generic for me, I like my brogues and high waist shorts.. but I think this is great for a laid back look for summer. The leggings are a hell or a lot comfier than high waist shorts, thats for sure!

Necklace £3
Purple Leggings £3

So I'm not too sure of the outfit, but I did try the tunic top on with high waist shorts and it looks pretty nice! I may wear it like that for a gathering I'm having on sunday with my friendlings.

I went to primark for my essentials and I got:
Two vests, socks, pants, two hairbrushes, makeup bag and some black leggings.
I love getting my socks and pants from primark, they're just so effing cute!

And have you ever wondered who takes my pictures for me? Most people use their boyfriends, but I do not have that luxury. I sometimes use a tripod but most of the time I use this little one..

Shes making fun of me and my silly poses haha what a gem.
Say hello to my gorgeous 12 year old sister (shes the same height as me and everything now!) She takes most of my pictures usually free of charge if shes not busy, so I'm very lucky to have her around! And her lovely dress was from primark today, £4! (I wonder where she gets her fashion sense from? hahaha)

I was also absolutely fuming at seeing primark ripping off the jeffrey campbell wedge. I own the asos rip offs that cost me £40, I love them, they're great quality and I wear them all the time. Primarks version however.. to be honest they aren't the worst rip offs I've seen, and at £15 I can see why they seem a good option. But it's so annoying to see primark copy everything designer. I know I have the asos rip offs, but they are good quality and hardly a steal at £40. Primarks aren't, and along with the alexa bag they tried to rip off I'm getting annoyed. If you can't do rip offs to a good standard just leave them be primark, PLEASE! *rant over*

Anyway, there were a couple of people interested in the blog meetup, hurrah! I will do a whole post on information about it and if anyone wants train information or you're worried about the cost, there are always good deals going on in the summer (and I'll make sure you are safe! and If you miss your train or something I will happily have you as a guest in my house, so don't panic!) Email me with any FAQ's regarding it, but I have SO much I want to show people in my city! The vintage emporiums I'm planning on taking you guys is literally HEAVEN!

If you haven't, please enter my Disney Couture contest HERE. It ends in 4 days! I'm really wanting to give this gorgeous thing a happy home! :)
OH and I need some adive, which SLR should I get? I'm looking at the canon 1000D and the 450D... thoughts?