Sunday, September 26, 2010

002 Share Sunday.

1. All I have done today is played pictionary and slept.. alot. I woke up at 4pm and didn't even attend a carboot! I was out until 5:30am last night, and had a really lovely time.. but I then remembered why I don't actually go out that much. I can't hack the lifestyle!

2. I've had a few questions on the fact that I haven't got an 'older posts' option, and the links under the i heart vintage banner do not work. They are being sorted out, it is just taking me forever as I haven't had a proper time of day to dedicate toward it!

3. I have picture day at sixth form tomorrow.. agh. I am not looking forward to it as I always hate my school pictures and I've been quite spotty recently = not a good combo.

4. I've got an exciting week next week as I'm off to London thurs, so if there aren't too many updates, thats why :) But I'll do a blog post on the event and seeing the beautiful Hannah, and what we got up to whilst I was there!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Find the perfect words that I've not spoken

Brown bag, charity shop - £1 / Brown Brogues, charity shop - £2

Flannel shirt, carboot - £1

Cream Duffle Cardigan, carboot - 50p

Books - 50p each

Zara shirt, ebay - 99p

Just wanted to update you with a few haul items I have picked up in the past few weeks from charity shops, ebay and carboots. The brown bag and shoes are currently on ebay at the moment if you want to take a look, the shoes are a size 6/7 :) (so annoyed them don't fit me!)
The flannel shirt is abit too big for me, like I love the oversized look but it is just TOO oversized! But I've been wearing it tied, liek in the picture, with jeans and heels. The books were a really super find as they are on my reading list and I didn't own them, and the zara blouse was 99p and I think would look good for a pop of colour this a/w, as everything does seem to be abit khaki/burgundy/maroon/brown at the moment. As pretty as Autumn colours are it can be abit.. bland.
The contest should be up soon amongst various other posts I have planned. :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unravelled words like moths upon old scarves.


On monday I went to visit my gorgeous friend Saffy at a coffee shop nearby. It is a beautiful place to sit and chat in, which also serves the most AMAZING hot chocolates. The decorations are also gorgeous, and if I was a coffee shop, I would be this one. The vintagey whimsical decorations with a shabby chic touch.. it is just beautiful. The seats we sat on are the comfiest seats in the world, leading me to fall asleep (in this spot!) last week when meeting up with another friend. Safe to say it's lovely and very 'homely' .. And thankyou Saffy for taking the photos for me :)


Even the outside of the shop is adorable! My outfit was pretty much a head to toe vintage ensemble. Sorry I haven't got a better picture!
Vintage headscarf, jumble sale - 50p / Oversized vintage shirt, charity shop - £2 / Loafers, charity shop - £3 / Burgundy cardigan, carboot - £1 / Cameo necklace, carboot - £1 / Tapestry bag, carboot - £2

The shirt is my new favourite, it is originally mens but I just wore it with leggings for the oversized look. My tan loafers are also a new love of mine, comfiest shoes I have ever worn in my life!

This is how I wore my hair, and the outcome was due to a rushed styling in the morning, followed by getting rained on. It's abit too messy for my liking, but it will have to do!

I'm quite glad that where I live I have such beautiful places around me, and this is defintely my new place to have meetups with friends and chat. I also took the camera out properly for the first time.. agh! I didn't have a camera bag, but I wrapped it in a scarf in my bag to prevent it from bashing around. I was at school beforehand, so I was ridiculously scared of people hitting my bag in the corridors haha. Safe to say, it has survived though, and I will try and bring my baby out more often.. if not to just prove I do have a life and I don't just sit at home on my computer everyday ;)

Few haul items and the contest will be up soon. Thats right, I hit 600 followers! :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

001 Share Sunday.

Sundays will always be my favourite day, due to my early morning carbooting and afternoon napping regime I've had for a while now. I thought I'd bring the sunday spirit to my blog every week, so I'm starting off a series on the blog (yes, I'm slow jumping on the bandwagon) and it is so *imaginatively* named 'share sunday'.
Just a day where I update you with the boring things in my life and some things I am enjoying via pictures. I always thought I was waaaayyyy too boring to ever have weekly posts on myself, and I think I still am. But I'll go ahead with it and see what happens.

Listening to: Salt skin - Ellie Goulding
Reading: Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë
Watching: American Dad!

1. I'm five followers away from 600 followers on the blog. It's bizarre and flattering and exciting, but mostly I'm just very happy that people turn up to my blog and can feel inspired. I'm also happy with the fact that the blog has brought me close to so many other bloggers, and in turn, I feel like I've made genuine blogger friends. So basically, thankyou very much, and when I hit the 600 mark, I will be giving away the gem that is hidden inside this box..

2. Her album is my favourite this year.. so I'm incredibly excited to be seeing Ellie Goulding in November! Ahh! I've heard shes pretty awesome live, and I'ts rare for me to actually go to gigs as I don't go unless they are amazing or I know all the words off the album. She will be my 4th gig EVER!

3. I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but I'm teaching myself Spanish because of my planned 4 month trip to South America. It's safe to say It's not going that well, besides counting to ten in Spanish, I'm abit..crap. I bought a Spanish Dictionary for £1 however, so I'll keep you updated. Any help is very much appreciated! (swapping brains with anyone fluent in Spanish would be appreciated also)

4. I never even mentioned this, but I turned vegetarian a month ago and it's going well! I'm not going to lie and say it is because of the ethics of not eating animals (although that has contributed slightly) it is mainly that I just don't like meat anymore!

5. I bought some friendship bracelets for me and my friends to commemorate shambala, and they are ever so pretty! Mines pink, and theirs are red and black.

6. I'm off to London on September 30th to visit my best blogger friend, Hannah from London--Rose. I'm excited as we have the most incredible time when we're in London together, but the event we're going to is a charity event with 'Gina Conway Aveda Salons' (buy tickets HERE) and should be pretty exciting. If you are going, let me know! I'd love to know which other fellow bloggers are going to be there. :)

That is all for share sunday, I will be back next sunday with some more random information about my life. And again, thankyou so much for following or silently reading this blog. It's more than appreciated.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And I know that you're clever, I don't ask for much

Hello you gorgeous people! Today was a wednesday and its is usually my favourite day because of the lovely friends I see in my history lesson, but the weather made me feel abit crap. I also forgot an umbrella... which made me feel like a drowned rat. But I threw this outfit together and surprisingly liked it, which doesn't usually happen!

Primark dress - off sister / Cardigan - Borrowed off sister / Topshop polka dot tights, carboot - 30p / H&M lace cycling shorts, ebay - £5 / Cameo necklace/brooch, carboot - £1

Sorry the bottom two pictures are inside with flash on, it was raining for quite a while before I took the outside shots!

My new favourite thing are these lace edged cyling shorts. I read on the wonderful selinas blog about how beneficial cycling shorts are for an outfit, and I love that if I bend over with a short dress you won't be able to see my panties, but the lace also makes the outfit look really lovely! It slightly looks like I'm wearing stockings however, so I have receieved a few strange looks, but I have another pair that are not lace edged and are normal. I recommend them 100%, they are fantastic!

I'm also loving my ankle boots I got from the carboot for 50p a while back.

Ebay, Schoolwork and Wii fit have taken up my life. We got wii fit last week and I love the yoga on it, it is definitely the most theraputic thing, especially as I'm feeling mega stressed all of a sudden recently.


I'm feeling alot better recently but I'm still adjusting to having to go back to sixth form. We have a new building and it is great.. but the old building had a very late victorian theme about it.. and although it was abit crap, it had a more school feel to it. The new building seems less homely to me. But we finally got a sixth form common room (Yes, I had been without one for aagggeees) and a study area, which is lovely to just sit and read in :)

Sorry it took ages to update again, when I'd promised I'd try to keep on top of things! It's because I had alot of crap outfits basically and the weather has not been helpful! A new post on a few carboot finds will be up soon.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ramble Ramble

Hello wonderful people. First of all, a HUGGEEE sorry all round for being so absent recently. Lots of stuff has happened (not really blog relevant however) and I thought I'd do a little updatey kinda post just to let you all know what's happening in my life .. and you can also keep up with me via twitter if you like. - I love how I can keep connected to my lovely readers and blogger friends through it. Tweet me and I always tweet back :)!

1. I went to Shambala festival on friday and came back monday. It was probably the best few days of my life. I know everyone says that about festivals, but it isn't like leeds or reading or any of those festivals, it is just a lovely place with lovely people and crazy things going on, it was a huge culture shock for me! I went with my sister and my two amazing best friends Josh and Ceri, they definitely deserve a shoutout. They made it all amazing :) I do not have many pictures of the festival as a big thing happened.. my phone and camera got STOLEN. Now first of all, I broke my phone by stepping on it as soon as I got to the campsite so they stole a broken phone anyway, and they stole my digital camera, NOT my SLR nikon, don't worry! But yeah, it's just upsetting because the phone was broken anyway so they can't really do anything with it, but the camera had lots of lovely pictures from the days on. It upset me that someone would steal things that aren't actually worth much anyway, but meant alot to me because of those snaps. I have two sneaky shots of me however (mind the scruffiness, it was a festival!)


2. I'm saving up for a gap year. Not for a whole year, I'm going away for four months in the gap year, hopefully in a bit over a years time, so thats something really exciting. I'm hoping to go to South America and do lots of volunteering etc. I'm going to be setting up a gap year blog so you can keep up to date on how I am getting on etc and I'll let you know when it's up. Needless to say it's EXTREMELY exciting, but it means one thing..

3. .. I'm on a spending ban. All the money I make and then some will be going into my gap year (I'm funding it all myself) so do not be surprised if there are not that many new outfits cropping up on the blog. However as I'm not that much of a big spender anyway, I'm hoping I can still buy the odd 50p item from the carboot :)

4. I don't really talk about my private life via my blog, because its for fashion and vintage, not necessarily my personal life, but I just want to let you guys know that I've just not been feeling myself. I think everyone gets like that at some point so you'll most likely understand, but I'm just having one of those months really. That is why there haven't been many posts. It's a shame because I have a few new pieces of clothing (as a reward for good grades) that I really want to show you! It will pass and I'll be back to my normal happy self :) But that is just a quick explanation!

5. I'm back at sixth form monday. I have resists and stuff to do, so I'm going to have to work ALOT harder that I did during my A levels as clearly the first time round didn't work! I will have time for the blog however, around the same time as I devoted last year, so do not worry :)

6. I have 580 followers. I can't believe it, thank you so much!! I was going to have a 1 year blog anniversary contest but I'm switching it up as a 600 follower contest instead as it was my blog anniversary a month ago haha. The prize is beautiful, so keep out for that.

7. The layout and various other things will go under construction over the next week, don't worry, it won't effect the reading of the blog. But I need to fix the links under my header (and add everyone onto a blogroll, I haven't forgotten about you!)

8. I'm hoping to do a 'what's in my schoolbag' post soon, as obviously I'm going back and I haven't done anything like that. I also stocked up at paperchase today..


So The next post should be up asap, I'm going to try and get back into the swing of things. Thankyou for being so supportive, and for always sending lovely emails and tweets and so on. (I'm behind on emails, I'll reply to you asap!!!!) They are ALWAYS appreciated. I've missed you all SO SO much and I feel bad for not checking back at everyones blogs and comments, so this is a huge apology and I want everything to get back to normal. No more excuses, it will be done :)