Sunday, November 28, 2010

011 Share Sunday.

Listening to: Florence and the machine - Falling
Reading: Nineteen eighty-four
Watching: Nothing new, been too busy to keep up with any of my fave shows :'(

1. Work work work.. that's pretty much all I've been doing/talking/complaining about. All in all I really love my colleagues, we have a right laugh, & they're all about 7-8 years older than me! I just feel abit tired really, and I'm missing so much school work cause of it! Just bare with me, I'll get over it and I'll be back to my bubbly self :)

2. I've finally finished my christmas list and I'll be doing a blog post on it soony, so so excited! Christmas is hands down my favourite time of year (not just cause my birthday is two weeks after or anything!..)

3. Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last two posts! I'll be doing a mini tutorial on my 'pineapple' do if people want me to, as it is actually quite easy to do. There will be more wintery themed posts as it is freeezing and I have 3 more coats to show you!!

4. ITS SNOWWWINGGGGG! I'm usually happy cause snow is beautiful, but getting to sixth form and work is SUCH a mission. I don't drive and public transport is not very frequent around this time. I live two buses away from sixth form and I have to catch a tram and bus to work.. nonetheless I wore my wellies to work on saturday. Tucked my smart trousers in them and everything. It had to be done!
Are you loving or hating the snow? Has it come to your city yet?

Friday, November 26, 2010

My staple

Topshop dress, ebay - £30 / Burgundy cardigan, carboot - £1 / Owl necklace, ebay - £1.50

Although it is the first time you've seen this outfit pulled together, it has been a staple outfit of mine for a while now. I really love everything about it, wearing my favourite shoes, bag, dress, necklace and cardigan all in one. I've also started donning the 'pineapple' hairstyle, which I wasn't very fond of at first but now love it, because I hate wearing my hair down all the time.. it just gets so boring! It takes several attempts to get the 'pineapple' however, because my hair is so long it doesn't like to stay up for very long.. cue heaps of hairspray and you're sorted.

I'm still trying to sort the lighting in my room so sorry for all the weird colourings of the pictures. I have to admit editing photos is not my strong point, despire claiming to love graphics haha. I'll sort it eventually!

I wasn't at sixth form today and I've started to become ill because of overworking and not getting enough protein and iron in my diet, I'm feeling properly drained at the moment. I will try and keep up with the blog though!!

Have a lovely weekend you guys :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pumpkin Soup

Leopard print coat, new look - £29.99 / Knit headband/turban, primark - £2 / Bag - £35 / Brogues, ebay - £12 / Bird double finger ring, primark - £2

I already sortof showed you abit of this outfit on sunday, but this is what I wore when shopping in town. The leopard print coat was mentioned in my 'how to wear' post and it is from new look, at a steal at £29.99 and you can still get them instore! My sister actually purchased it but didn't want it anymore, and of course I already had my eye on it so I'm buying it off her. It's so lovely and warm, my staple for the winter! It's a comfy size 12, perfect for layers :)

The ring was £2 from primark, headband from primark for £2 and the bag and brogues are not anything new.
The pictures aren't great cause lighting is pants inside, but I've got a place to take them against my wall, and theres a sneak peak at my fashion collage on the wall, I'll show it properly another day no doubt. But is it okay for OOTD? Let me know. It's getting too cold for outside pics!

Anyway, whatcha think of my new coat? There are a few other wintery coats I need to show you but for now, this is what I've been pretty much living in at sixth form!

The winner of the 'vintage giveaway is.. *drumroll please* -
Congratulations beautiful! And don't worry guys, a christmas giveaway will be coming in the next couple of weeks with a few pieces of matalan jewellery up for grabs.. ;)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

010 Share Sunday

1. Hello lovelies! I've missed having so much spare time, cause I started work on wednesday. A full day of school, plus a 5-10 shift, I got home at 11:30 and nearly cried. Had some work to catch up on and stayed up till 1am doing it, and didn't even attend school because I was so tired. I've started to organise myself more now though, so I've already sorted two OOTD for the coming week so you aren't starved of my blog posts, cause I know what I'm like. But work is good, very scary at first but I've sold 5 phones which isn't amazing but pretty good for my first two days! They gave me the weekend off which was nice, completely relaaaaxed and did coursework etc. So far so good!

2. Today I went to town for a little bit of shopping. I went to primark and got 3 things and then bought a starbucks and spent time with my sisters and mum. I wore the outfit above, which you will get a proper look at in the next week, but the headband thingy was £2 from primark and it's so granny I love it!

3. The picture makes me look really white. I never actually edit my pictures, but because it's getting so dark I'm having to up the contrast and stuff and when I did it to this picture it just made me look white. Maybe cause I'm wearing red lipstick too, but still.

4. On that note, I love wearing red lipstick, it makes me feel very sophisticated and glam, even thought I feel very overdressed when out and about in the daytime.

5. My dress code at work is office wear, so I need to purchase some good staple pieces as I only have about 3. Any recommendations? Obviously ebay etc, but any high street places I have to check out? Let me know :)

6. I said I'd post the giveaway winner but I've got an essay to do and didn't want to delay my sunday post, so I'll do it later tonight and announce it on tues or wed, sorry guys. Bare with me!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I love Aussie

If you have never heard of Aussie, then shame on you! They are a haircare brand that have been around for ages, and I am very much a proud member of their 'Luscious long hair' tribe. You will have heard of these 'tribes' on other blogs no doubt, and I chose mine cause, well, I've had long hair for years now! Recently I was sent a surprise package in the post which literally made my week!

Some Aussie slippers, hot chocolate, fluffy hand warmer, lavender heat cushion and take the heat products - cream and spray. Not to mention it was all wrapped up with a pretty purple ribbon (pictured)
This was to mark their 'take the heat' event on bonfire night, in which I was invited to attend. Unfortunately, I was ridiculously ill, and couldn't make it, which I'm still upset about. But anywho, I have wanted to blog about this for age, cause it is pretty much the perfect package for winter, and is so tempting to replicate this as a gift for friends and family! Who doesn't want hot chocolate and slippers in December? Amazing.

As part of being in the tribes, around summer we all got to attend a tribe party, and I happened to go to the one in London, which I never actually blogged about.. I don't think anyway. I'm not sure, but it was an amazing night in which I got to stay in a hotel in London and invite my friend Josh and hang out with the amazing Hannah and Charlie, but back to the story. The incredible people at Aussie had thrown these parties with themes to match the tribe, ours was fairytale. They have now compiled a book together to show the pictures from the parties and tips us tribe members have given -

Look it's my face! :)

This is such a lovely thing to have and I am so grateful to be apart of the aussie tribes, so a big thankyou to the Aussie team and all the other tribe members! I've wanted to blog about these thing but never got the chance, so sorry it's all abit late! I'm jetting off to another Aussie event in London on December the 4th and have a little surprise, but all will be revealed sooner to the date. Contest winner announced tomorrow!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

009 Share Sunday

Listening to: Ellie Goulding - Your Song
Reading: Info on a bunch of random phones
Watching: Deal or no deal!

1. I'm in the middle of sorting out my work outfit for my first day at work at phones4u tomorrow! I'm opting for my red zara shirt and some H&M grey work trousers. I feel very smart but look about 25! I'm uber scared, I have to be there for 9:30 and am getting a train at 7:30 :| I usually wake up for school at that time, but to get there on time it's a 6am wake-up! I'm going all the way to Lincoln for a training day. Wish me luck!

2. This week has been pretty stressful, had a few essays to get done and all last minute (as I'm the most disorganised person you'll ever meet) On friday I went for starbucks with my besties, and it was so so lovely. I'm going to miss all this time I spent with them as having a job full of 21 hours a week and 16 of school, is going to be very time consuming.

3. I've started writing my christmas list and it's full of little homewares from places like urban outfitters. I'm really excited to get my room done up, as it is a mess at the moment as we're getting loft insulation fitted.

4. I actually wear glasses in real life, but I think they look hideous on me! I thought I'd post a picture of me wearing them for you guys though, as when I get home after sixth form, I put my hair up, makeup off and glasses on haha. Do any of you wear glasses but opt for contacts instead? Do you hate wearing glasses or do you embrace your bad sight? (ahah)

5. Contest winner will be up as soon as I can get it sorted, I'm spending the rest of this evening looking up some phones they've asked me to learn about for my training day, bleugh. I'll try get it up soon though!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Odd Socks.

Wow, look how many OOTD's you are getting, I spoil you guys!
Anyway, today I wore odd socks. You know when you pick up a pair very similar but they don't match..

Well I clearly had my head screwed on the wrong way round because they are completely different (except the colour, I'll give myself that much credit) but just goes to show what mornings do to people. This outfit is another 'comfy' one, it was SO cold this morning, I'm wearing leggings and my big comfy cardigan and scarf.

Dress, carboot - 50p / Scarf - found in my house somewhere / Cardigan - Charity shop, £2.50 / Scissor necklace, matalan - £1.20 / River island necklace, gift from ex - £20? (pricey!) / Ring, primark - £2

I wanted to talk about my satchel and boots in this post because they are my a/w staples.
The boots were shocking at £50 off ebay, but it's one of those things I splurge on because I will wear them all the time and I have no lace up boots for winter. They have a small heel and the best part is they are genuine vintage, not the manufactured military boots you find everywhere else. I actually liked them till all the chavs started wearing them and they became a tad tacky. Alas, £50 well spent. Yumyum.
The satchel was £30.. oh I know, my gap year money is not staying in the bank very long. But it fits my arch lever file folders in, which is pretty marvellous, and it sortof matches the boots (I'm not the only one who co-ordinates my shoes and bags am I?) I also sold my old asos one, so it's more like I 'swapped' them on ebay, if that makes sense? Anyway, they are my babies, and I have been wearing the combo at sixth form quite alot, so it is money well spent!
OH, and the river island necklace was from about 3 years ago? A present from my ex, and one of the first necklacs I saw in this style, before this 'pocket watch' style trend even existed really. It is completely broken in every way, but I love it!

I was thinking about the higher tuition fees for uni today because of the big protest and how it will effect me because of my gap year. Of course I'm annoyed, but I have a choice. The people in the year below don't have one, and so I'm lucky, I could avoid it. But I decided on my gap year because I'm not ready for uni, and it's not the be all and end all. I may go off abroad and not want to come back! I am living for the moment, even if the future scares me (ee!)
My 3 amazing friends Joe, Roma & Tanith are all applying to Oxford, which is insane (you can all wish them luck too if you like!) They are all ridiculously clever however, and I think it helps that my friends are aiming really high, because it makes me want to push myself harder and higher and saving for a gap year does exactly that!
What are your views on the whole thing? Did you go to uni and was it worth it, or did you not go and do you regret it? Let me know, because it's always better to gauge general opinion when it comes from actual people!

New post up with the winner and other tid bits soon! Sorry for the lack of great pictures, the weather is disgraceful, and my little sister can only stand outside and take picture with me for so long haha!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cause you had a bad day

And I'm not even exaggerating. It was not only AWFUL weather, but I SLIPPED. Yep, on my arse on the pavement... Thank GOD no one saw me, otherwise I would have cried! Well, that was a bad start. Then my umbrella was a poor excuse for an umbrella to say the least, it was a primark one so you can imagine how broken it got from the wind, and I STILL got soaked, which meant my straight hair was just.. fluff. OH my bus was 15 whole minutes late. And I wouldn't have minded but it was freeeeeeezing and was already in a bad mood from slipping.

It wasn't a very nice start to the week. And to come in for 2 hours of English I mean .. doesn't really seem worth it, eh?
Anyway. I decided to battle this awful day and take an OOTD as I looked presentable and to show you my new cardigan and boots. Oh and I wore this to school minus the red lipstick.. I added that because of the lack of other makeup.. stupid rain. UGH

Breton top, carboot - 50p / Leggings, Primark - £3 / Boots, carboot - £1.50 / Cardigan, charity shop - £2.50

What do you think? (besides the overgraininess of it all, sorry!) I love my comfy new cardigan, even though it's WAY too big for me. Not just 'oversized' kinda look, I mean REALLY big on me. But nevertheless it's toasty. And the shoes are pretty special.

I have a black pair of ankle lace ups HERE, but they are battered old things, these are very very sturdy for the winter (didn't stop me slipping though, bleugh) and look a little like doc martens, but not as bulky. I will probably sell my other pair cause you know, it's a waste to have a pair of shoes so similar!

And I wore my favourite necklace and ring. Oh and my favourite tee actually which I haven't properly mentioned. It is a proper breton top from a carboot for 50p, it is also very large (I think I have a baggy clothes problem!) and super comfy.

It's winter .. I'm allowed!

You've also had a little look into my living room with our nice new fireplace, just in time for winter! Although this blueness of the room not only camouflages my cardigan but makes these pictures depressing but HEY, I tried my best! It was 4 o clock.. it gets pretty dark around then!
Hope you have a fabby week and your monday wasn't as awful as mine. Oh and coming home to all your sweet comments about how I look with no makeup made my day that much better, so thankyou very much you lovely people!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

008 Share Sunday

Listening to - Katy B - Katy on a mission
Reading - A variety of history books
Watching - One tree hill season finale .. was INTENSE to say the least!

1. I was really ill this week and had to miss an amazing Aussie Bonfire party in Leeds. I'm still miffed, and spent my bonfire night catching up on sleep and drinking lots of soup.

2. On the Saturday I went out however and before that we had a few fireworks and a bonfire in my back garden. I wore what I'm wearing in the above picture, I love it. So so cosy :) (excuse the absense of makeup and messy hair!)

3. I'm beginning to get stressed about everything and this blog has suffered. I need to up my game OOTD wise, but with it turning dark so early, it's becoming difficult to have nice pictures! AND I can't find my wireless remote, so it has to be when my sister has time.

4. The contest winner will be up soon, thanks for all the entries! And thanks for being so patient with me!