Sunday, January 30, 2011

#020 Share Sunday

1. I went out friday properly for the first time since I turned the ripe old age of 18, and had a lovely time. I was going to take a picture of my outfit but didn't have time!

2. The reason for me going was actually due to recieving a quite surprising sum in the post from work. I know that I was supposed to be paid commission this date, but apparently I have also reiceved 2 weeks worth of pay on top of it! At first I thought it was a mistake but remember I hadn't been paid my last two weeks of work.. yes! I'm really happy I now have money to purchase some materials and such as well as a few cheeky nights out.

3. The materials I am in need of are for the online shop I'm hoping to start up end of march, vintage esque playsuits and dresses all handmade by meeeee. I'm excited to get it all going, and I'll keep you posted with the progression etc :)

4. I've spend this weekend recovering from the friday night out and am about to tackle some coursework whilst watching dancing on ice. Brilliant.

5. I'm a little behind on the blog front, sorry guys. I'll get back to it all soon enough, just had a busy old week!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thrift bit: Owl necklace

Owl necklace, charity shop - 99p

I'm not really a silver jewellery person to be honest, but this is pressing all the right buttons in my eyes, it's vintage and it's an OWL. I have 4 owl necklaces now, but I can't help it! I've cheated a little this week cause my mother actually bought me this when out and about and thought of me when she saw it, I love that she knows me so well! It does have slighty rustiness due to it's oldness but I don't care, love lov love it, and at 99p it's a great little thing and something to not feel guilty about having .. (especially as it was a gift!)

This feature came about when I was thinking just how much I miss posting on my cheap things from carboots, I just haven't been because of winter and they unfortunately stop :( I feel like my second hand and vintage twist to this blog makes me more unique, not necessarily completely unique, don't get me wrong, theres LOADS of charity shop bloggers etc, but I feel like the bloggersphere has so many blogs with the same things (wish lists and roundup posts included!!!) that I wanted to be a unique stamp on my blog. I feel like people enjoy the things I buy compared to if all I ever bought was high street or designer. Don't get me wrong, I love blogs that are just highstreet and I am always uber jealous, but alot of my followers say their favourite part of my blog is the second hand stuff, so basically yeah. This feature is going to have a little 'bit' of thriftyness, so one item that I've gotten that was second hand/cheap. This may stay only until my carboot hauls come back, as I know they are quite the favourite with people!

Anyway yeah, thats just a little snippet of what I've been feeling about my blog, would you agree or disagree about the second hand buying thing being quite a popular theme on my blog or have you got another favourite? Just let me know, I'm always excited to see what you guys have to say! :)
Been quite busy lately as I missed lots of school when I was ill so sorry I've been absent on twitter and such, but I'll keep rolling the posts out as much as I can!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#03 Wednesday Wishes

This is a rushed one.. currently multi-tasking a million different things this very second!

I wanted these suede leggings from topshop for ages but they are now out of my size :( I'll just keep my fingers crossed I see them instore or they pop back up in a size 8. I never thought they would be my style but I think they'd look great with a rust coloured tee and my amazing wedges (which I still haven't blogged about, meh bad blogger alert!!)

I recieved Vera wang princess at christmas, it's amazing and ridiculously cute, and I want Marc Jacobs Daisy to add to my pretty small perfume collection. I know bloggers like these perfumes cause the bottles are to die for, but I quite like them just cause they smell SO good! And I recieved a £10 boots card from my cousin so I think I'll put it toward the perfume when I next have monies!

This ring is from forever21 and on ebay at the moment and I just think it's really fitting with the fashion at the moment, I'm not really one for silver jewellery but I think it's better silver, and matched with dark lipstick and dark lace blouses for a 'grunge' look. Yum!

Haha a moustache corkscrew. Nuff said really?

This satchel bag, aghhh I want it SO SO much. I have a few bags but I just feel like this bag is so perfect for summer, it's a light bag and I seem to have lots of brown and black bags and argh. I just need it in my life, you know? *sigh*

What have YOU been lusting after this week? :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Rolling in the deep

This title is inspired by Adeles new gorrrgeous song, it's incredible and I love her voice. That girl just keeps on amazing me!

Onto the outfit -

Leather jacket, vintage
Serpents of rock crop tee, topshop - REDUCED £22 to £10
Navy chinos, topshop - REDUCED £45 to £20
Belt, vintage
New look brogues, ebay - £11
Swallow necklace, jumble sale - 50p
Skull ring, matalan - £6

I wanted to picture the leather jacket on a seperate post but it just fits with the outfit so well I couldn't not show you.
I cleaned my hallway on the sunday and found an old leather jacket (the hallway hasn't bee sorted for a LOOONG time!) and I think it's just an old one of my mums or something. Nonetheless I quite like it and it's got a tight fit so doesn't make me look huge. The belt has also just appeared from some of the old things I own and it is very tight, but matches my brogues and bag quite perfectly .. (which look very orange in these photos but they aren't that orange in RL!)

The clothes were what I got from the topshop sale! The top is a 12 but has a nice baggy kinda crop fit. The trousers however are only a 10 but are ridiculously big on me :( I'm not sure wether to ebay them off or not, as I've wanted some navy chinos for a while now..? But I need to start purchasing clothes that actually fit me well haha. What do you think?

Also, I know I'm breaking all the rules in the fashion rulebook by having navy and black together but I've never gone by that rule as I have black hair, so whenever I wear navy it's going to have that effect haha!
Other than feeling like a little bit of a biker chick I quite like my outfit today, and I know you're all getting sick of my vintage headscarf in every picture but I literally haven't taken it off my head!

Thankyou for such a great opinions in my previous post about universities, if you have an opinion honestly, the longer the better! I've read all of them and they genuinely help as you guys are the ones experiencing it, and I'm so lucky I have followers to ask these kindof questions to. So if you want to have your say commewnt on the post below and I'll take a look, but thanks so much guys!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

#019 Share Sunday

1. Today theres no red lippie and I'm donning a nice little smokey eye. I also have a floral headband on that was £1 from topshop reduced from £8. I remember when these came into fashion and everyone was wearing them and I hated them but now they aren't so popular I quite like them. No one likes things that EVERYONE is wearing, it's just irritating.

2. You may have seen me talking about it on twitter but I'm struggling with the decision of uni or not. My situation is this - I'm gap yearing it next year to go travelling and I'm not sure whether uni is for me or not afterwards? I know that after my travelling I will probably have an idea but I'm still stuck so please give me your stories and opinions in this post. I figure theres no better perspective than you guys, and my sixth form is crap, it doesn't give people who don't really know if they want to go to uni an idea of what else there is, they just EXPECT everyone to go. It's not because I'm not capable, I'm just fed up with education. Anyway please please let me know, did you go/are you going to uni or not? Do you have any advice for me? :) I'm also not even sure what I want to study, MAYBE something fashion related but yeah, I'm stuck. HELP.

3. Wowee, thankyou so much for the sweet comments on my last post, I'm glad you liked my outfit and I'm hoping I'll have loads more OOTD's coming up! :)

4. I spent most of today having a declutter and I cleaned most of my house. I've become a little OCD recently, I think it's all this spare time with no job!

5. Thankyou to all these people - Alice, May, Rebecca & Hen.
For mentioning me in blog posts or giving me awards. Thankyou so much :) (and if I forgot to mention you I'm sorry, let me know!!)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kiss that grrrl

Todays title is inspired by the gorgeous Kate Nash's song which I adore. I love her new album, it's a lovely little thing.

This is my official first OOTD of 2011.. I'm really excited for some reason haha. Hope this isn't an anti-climax!

Camel Jumper, marks and spencer (charity shop most likely) - Present off my mum for christmas
Polka dot high waisted skirt, carboot - £1.50
Ankle boots, carboot - £1
Chiltern esque satchel, carboot - 50p (insane, I know)

Necklaces :
Scissors, matalan - £1.67
Pocket watch, river island (gift) - £20
Aeroplane, Wallpaperrose

Rings :
Birds, primark - £2
Domino - HERE

My jumper was off my mum for christmas in a lovely camel colour, the skirt is ridiculously old from a carboot which was super duper long and I shortened. I am wearing a variet of necklaces I just chucked & the ankle boots are another carboot gem. The domino ring was actually kindly send to me by Vicki, who thought I would quite like one of her quirky ring designs and she wasn't joking, It's ridiculously cute! She sells lego and domino handmade rings and I quite like how it matches my skirt really.. that definitely wasn't intentional. Ahh, I love it when an outfit just 'works'. To get one of these beauties click HERE

Also, THE BAG. It has made an appearance HERE and may I say, it's quite strange how popular these chiltern esque bags have become on the bloggersphere! I'm quite smug that I got mine cheapo at a carboot long ago, so I thought I'd fish it out :) They go for around £20 on ebay but to be honest, I would actually fork out that much cause they are beeautiful!

This week has been blah first time back at school was today as I have been ill for a veeerrry long time, but I'm feeling better and trying to get more iron into me to make me less tired and more alert. I also had my English resit monday (thankyou for the good lucks!) and it went OK.. i.e. not as bad as last time. Hey ho, what can you do, I tried my best!

I hope you liked the first 2011 OOTD and there will be lots more to come! What do you think of the outfit, it's quite different to what I've worn before but my style is forever changing and this is trying to keep in with my new years resolution to 'not be afraid'. Also I decided that f*ck the cold I'm going to go outside and do OOTD's! Some bloggers can get away with it indoors but I can't, my lighting is crapooolah. And today wasn't too bad!

How has your week been? :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

#02 Wednesday Wishes

When I saw this headband on Emma, I instantly fell in love. It's one of those colours that is perfect for the upcoming change from Winter into spring, and It's reversible so you can have it on the bow or knotted side. With a £29 price tag it's a little steep, but it's just so beautiful.

This £12.50 stag ring is huge. And I mean MAHOOSIVE. I don't really know how I would be able to wear this everyday, and actually at a special occassion as the antlers are very dangerous,but nonetheless it's one of those things you just want in your jewellery box to 'ooh' and 'ahh' at when you open it. Yum.

I had no idea accessorize did lingerie, and when I got these pants in lilac from my sister for my birthday I had a little look on their website and they have the cutest knickers! I particularly love this pair, it has florals, frills on it & is £7.. need I say more?

You know when you imagine something up in your head and you then stumble across it in real life in a shop and think 'oh my god they have read my mind!'? Well that is what happened with this baby, but at £18, I think I'm better off making one myself as it would cost less money. It's so lovely and I can imagine it sprucing up alot of grandad jumpers for me :)

I wasn't sure about this dress & it's £26 pricetag, but I have grown to quite love it, and it's making me miss summer so much! It's quite cutesy which I could wear with floral tights and pretty necklaces or make it less feminine with my nautical headscarf and sneakers.

& can I just say thankyou to the lovely response from everyone on my post about my hair, it's so nice that everyone likes it! I was scared cause I never try out new hairstyles but yes, thankyou so much :) There will be an OOTD tomorrow, as I have a pretty little outfit all planned for you beautiful people!

What have you been lusting after this week?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

#018 Share Sunday

1. THE HAIR!. Notice anything different? I've done a middle parting because I am so sick and tired of my hair and I love how it looks! I also got a little carried away with the scissors and chopped some layers into my hair. I am not a great hairdresser and it looks slightly odd when straight, but curly covers up the mess I made haha. You may be thinking 'jeez kavita it's not a big change at all' but seriously guys.. I've had the same hairstyle for about 4 years. Not. Good.

2. Spent all week ill and this weekend revising. Bleugh

3. This blouse is one of my favourite finds, was £16 from matalan and is so similar to the ones knocking about in topshop recently. They only had a sz 12 left but it's so lovely and loose and great with leffings for a casual look.

4. I have an english literature resit tomorrow and I'm scared but confident. My revision should pay off!

5. I feel quite strange recently, newly styled my hair, I've bought lots of new clothes.. and just feel really different. In a good way of course, I'm looking forward to being able to do more OOTD's now I'm better too, but I feel like I'm being more adventurous with clothes. I think it's cause I've lost a little weight since turning vegetarian and I feel more confident with things I wear.

So please tell me honestly.. the hair. Yay or nay? :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Style Crush: Diana Vickers

I've never really been too fond of her, I sometimes love her and sometimes hate her. But her style has always been one of my favourites, shes got a very casual vintage look about her, and have I mentioned how much I wish I had her hair in her 'the boy who murdered love' video? Well I do. Alot.
She mixes modern with vintage really well, and it's lovely to see how she throws it together (or her stylist, never know with these celebrity folk eyy) especially as I sortof see my style in a similar category!

(pictures from various sources on the internet, if you want me to link you please feel free to contact me!)

How to achieve her look:

American Apparel Jersey Pocket Skirt - £25 / Topshop denim playsuit - £20 / New look stripe top - £11.99 / Urban outfitters tan boots - £38 / New look cable knit bobble hat - £6
(pictures from Urban Outfitters, New Look, Topshop & American Apparel)

Her other key items:
- Skinny jeans
- Granny boots
- Crop tops
- Nautical tees
- Paperbag shorts
- High waist skirts
- Vintage-esque playsuits
- Faux fur coats
- Raybans
- Denim jackets
- Vintage oversized sunnies

Looking through her various outfits has made me miss summer so much, winter does not bring out the fashionista in me!
I've been ill all week which is why there have been no OOTD since 2010 haha! I'm planning on one tomorrow or monday, but I'm sorry guys, I'm trying to fill the blog with lots of content though, so with my style crush, how to wear, share sunday and new wednesday wishes posts, there should be stuff to keep you going when I'm too ill and uninspired for a picture of myself!

Do you like Dianas look?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

#01 Wednesday Wishes

I've always loved grecian styled dresses and I saw this in H&M and thought it was so so cute! It looks better in real life than in this picture, and they only had a size 16 left in store :( Then in the christmas sales they had them going cheap but didn't have my size left! I'm still awaiting one to crop up on ebay, and going for alot cheaper than this one

Swallow socks are so cute and these ones from topshop are a gorgeous burgundy colour, and would look perfect with the Layla heels for a perfect miu miu copy.

I love typewriters and this necklace off love hearts and crosses is so adorable! I love online jewellery stores and this necklace struck me mainly because of how unique it is. The little paper thing even comes out and everything! I do own way too many necklaces at the moment though, so having said all this, this one has definitely got to be a wish for now!

This cuckoo clock is only a tenner, and because I am doing my room up, it would be perfect! I would prefer it in the cream colour but it doesn't show up as good online so I just chose the black one to show you.

The alass topshop heels have been and gone but I still adore them, and troll ebay hoping to find a second hand pair in my size. If anyone finds them in a size 3/4, you know where to find me! ;)

What have you guys been lusting after this week?

Monday, January 10, 2011

#017 Share Sunday

Yes, another belated one. Dear me!

1. I finished my job yesterday and yes, there were tears! I'm going to miss all of it really, (maybe not the 20 hour week on top of my sixth form as I had time for NOTHING!) but everyone I work with in particular. We had lots of hugs and goodbyes, but I'm hoping I'll be back soon. They want to keep me on and the head office has put my name forward, even if it's not for the same store, I'll get a part time job with the company within the next month. Fingers crossed anyway, but I hope a place pops up in the same store, cause I already miss everyone haha!

2. The reason this is belated is because I had my house party saturday, it was really good! There weren't too many of us, but lots of my close friends and we sat around and chatted and drank, one of my best friends passed out and they brought out my birthday cake and surprised me haha! It was a caterpillar cake (I know right, haven't had one since I was about 12!) and the picture is my face when I saw them bring it out. But yeah, I got to sleep around 4am, and woke up at 8am for work so I was shattered, as soon as I got home from work I fell asleep (in my coat and work clothes haha) and woke up at 1am! So I didn't have time to do one yesterday, sorry folks!

3. I wore a denim dress by primark that I got on ebay for £3, and my new wedges which I still need to properly post about. I'm going to post pictures from my party tomorrow on it's own post, cause there are a few nice (and sober) ones!

4. No job means more time to do this blogalog and good timing too, as having 1030 followers (can't even describe how crazy this is to me!) I need to up my game and stop slacking, good job I have lots of pretty clothes to show you all :)

5. I've had one hell of a week last week, with my 18th and leaving my job, but it was one of the best weeks ever and I'm in a good place in my life at the moment. I think my resolution of being positive has helped, I'm hoping 2011 is definitely my year!

6. I haven't had my email on my blog at all for some reason, I forgot, but it is - , incase anyone would like to email me (for whatever, questions, chitchat, anything!) :)

Sorry for the lateness of the post, I'm so happy that I'll have more time to blog though! :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy birthday to me..

Can't thank everyone enough for the birthday wishes via twitter, and if you didn't know, it has been my birthday today and it was actually very lovely! I'm having a party saturday, but today I just had a cinema trip and went for a family meal, and it was nice and relaxed. I was also back at sixth form, which despite the 3 hours of history, was nice to just see everyone!

Just a few snaps from my day. Went to see Harry potter with my bestie Josh, (yes, I hadn't seen it up until now, I've been busy!) which was good... but because I've read the book over and over it wasn't as good as when you watch a film and have no idea whats coming.. if that makes sense!
Then I went to a family meal with my family. The playsuit is what I got from the topshop sale for £18, I adore it. It's just so beautiful! The cake is what my 12 year old sister made and I love it, she put so much effort into it bless her and it tasted DELICIOUS!
The other outfit is what I wore to sixth form and then obviously at the cinema and I'll talk about the chinos I'm wearing another time, it was quite a laid back outfit to be fair, it was just too cold to not wear trousers!

Thanks for everyones lovely words, and one of the best gifts ever is to look and see I'm 14 away from 1000 followers, mind blowing. Honestly, thankyou so much, and I've had a lovely day! Roll on my party saturday! :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Style Crush: Shenae Grimes

This is the first in the series of style crush, and it's part of my new series on this blog and I'm sticking to it! Known from the ever so lovely 90210, Shenae Grimes has been on my fashion list for quite some time now. Her style is very laid back with high waist shorts, grandad jumpers and lots of chunky scarves.. I think she definitely hits the nail on the head when it comes to casual chic and I quite like how she layers it all up. I do have my casual days when I'm not all vintage esque with floral dresses, and I like to don my converse and skinny jeans, and this is definitely how I think it should be done!

A few casual pieces I found online:

Topshop nude snood - £16 / Miss selfridge high waist shorts - £30 / H&M Stripe cardigan - £14.99 / Topshop red check shirt - £28 / Office, Red converse low tops - £34.99
{please note prices will have changed after jan 4th due to rise in VAT!}

Her other key items:
- Lace body
- High waist shorts
- Gladiator sandals
- Snoods and scarves
- Grandad jumpers/cardigans
- Casual converse or pumps
- Beanie hat
- Aviator sunglasses
- Khaki or beige chinos
- Check shirts
- Skinny jeans
This was my interpretation of course, it does not mean I'm right!

Her style with shorts has made me miss summer so much, and reminded me to buy a new pair of high waist levis as mine have officially grown too big :(
Hope you are well, back to school wednesday, and my big birthday wednesday.. got lots of planning ahead of me, eee!

Have you enjoyed this post and should I carry on with my style crush posts? And do you like Shenae Grimes style?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

#016 Share Sunday

1. Happy new year everyone! I had a pretty lovely one, spent with friends from sixth form and my besties. It was great to spend it with loads of people I knew and was just a laugh really. Above picture is my face on the day.. my dress was £2 from a jumble sale! I haven't actually got a very good picture of it, but I'll try show it all another day.

2. This time next week I will have done my last shift at work *sniff* Going to miss it all so so much!

3. Right now I'm sifting through a huge pile of photos to put into my scrapbook for my birthday. As a family, we're all making one for me to mark the occassion and suffice to say it's very nostalgic. I have changed so much, I'm practically a different person!

4. I've hardly done anything this holiday and I'm annoyed but hey, I've worked and just relaxed. I'm back at sixth form wednesday (my birthday, I know right) and not looking forward to triple history on that day. Woo?

5. This time next week my friends, I will have turned the big 1-8. I'm having a house party on the saturday and just a small meal and cinema trip on the actual day. I'm one of those people that sees becoming an adult a properly big deal if I'm honest. I'm ridiculously scared to grow up.. AGH!

How was your new years, is there something special I need to do for my 18th AND how did you spend yours?! Let me know :)