Monday, April 25, 2011

My Killer Wedges.

I have had so many comments and emails about my wedges which I recieved for christmas for me to properly show you them, I wanted them to have a post all to themself but took forever to find an outfit which matched it the way I wanted. So when I got my new leather shorts and bustier top, I thought it all looked perfect together :)

Wedges - Christmas present
Vintage white lace bustier, ebay - £25
Vintage leather shorts, ebay - £35

For people asking where I got them from, I don't know, they were a christmas present!I'm really sorry! All I know is they are not from the UK (US maybe?) and cost quite abit as they were my main present!

The bustier top is probably my favurite thing at the moment, it's perfect with all my vintage high waisted shorts that I have acquired (and can't wait to show you!) The leather shorts are also amazing with crop tops and this bustier top, I love the whole combinaton. I wore it on a night out and felt very naked (obviously) but I love it all put together with my chunky rings (which I also need to show you) jesus I have bought so many clothes recently!

Also, how amazingly sunny has it been? I've been working pretty much every sunny day that has cropped up, bar today, in which I am suck inside doing my history coursework anyway!

Sorry I've not been doing my regular Share Sundays, honestly I feel like if I can just do it when I can raher than every sunday its not only easier for me, but means theres less stress. To be honest I've been busy because my love life has significantly changed.. not that I really talk about my personal life on here, but it probably explains alot as you all know what it's like when that happens! I will always have time for my blog though, don't worry!

I got lots of carbooty treats for you soon, and I hope you all had a wonderful Easter :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Buy my shit off ebay

Putting a few bits and bobs up and you can find them HERE at 7:30pm today!
I told people on twitter they'd be up a few days ago but my ebay went weird so I had to sort that out, sorry for the lateness!
Really do not want to sell these as I love them haha but like with everything I own, they never get any wear! Let me know if you want any buy it nows at reasonable prices, these are all vintage and gorgeous and need to go to a fashionably good home!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I keep dissapearing, I'm surprised you guys haven't forgotten what I look like, ahahah.

I missed a sunday post as I've been really busy with work, I know I said I'd stop with the excuses and say I was going to be posting normally but like I said I don't want blogging to be a chore, and so I don't want the pressure of posting alllll the time, only as often as I can do.

I actually took these last week but I couldn't find my camera lead, then I couldn't find my battery charger, etc my life is such a mess right now, thank god I have a whole 2 weeks off sixth form to sort it out. Honestly my room is unrecognisable right now.

Necklace, EABurns - HERE
Vintage floral dress, ebay - £30
Belt, primark - £2
Khaki cardigan, charity shop - £4.50
Ring, matalan - £4
Vintage brooch, charity shop - 20p

A while ago I was contacted by Lizzie who makes her own jewellery in the name of her brand 'EABurns', and wondered if I would like to be sent something. You probably all know by now how big I am on independent companies who work hard to handmake things and such, and when I saw what she made I was ecstatic to recieve it in the post.

The necklace is genuinely amazing quality and its so different to any piece of jewellery I have owned (and I own a hell of alot!) and the best bit is you know its made with love and care. I got so many compliments on it because of how unique it is, and I love the colour too, its very 'me'
The cardigan is also my new favourite cardigan (taking over from my previous burgunfy number) I love the shape and just how it fits, it's gorgeous and the khaki is great for the colder summer days.
ALSO my hair is straight for the first time in FOREVER, and look how long it is! My friends were all commenting on how different I looked and I prefer my hair curly but its strange to see how different my hair looks straight.

I've also come into the world of new technology and now have an iPhone 4. It's pretty and new and I can't get over how much I looove it, and I have a few covers for it that I wanna show ya cause they're awesome.

Sorry about my dissapearing act, I have a few things I'm selling on ebay and they go on sale tomorrow, and I will post about it soon :) and a few charity shop bits and bobs to show ya, till then my lovelies.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

#027 Share Sunday

1. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I know right, Too long? I think so!
I haven't been anywhere other than sixth form, work, home etc and I took a much needed break. I think I forget sometimes just how much I have on, and as much as I do GENUINELY love and appreciate this blog and its followers, It's alot of pressure. I feel pressure to look nice, have something good to say, a nice outfit, look nice etc and I just felt overwhelmed. I didn't want what I loved to become a chore but it did, so I stopped before I resented the whole of blogging completely. This break has made me realise I do miss blogging, but it shoudln't be something I dread doing. But now, I'm much better and have so many outfits and charity shop finds to show you, I really really cannot wait! I am genuinely sorry for being away, I know it's not like I am obligated to post all the time but I feel like when I read blogs I kinda expect them to post often enough to validate me being a 'follower'.. you know?

2. Anyway, not much has happened. I'm still quite tired from sixth form and work, and not much has changed. Got alot of stuff regarding coursework and I realised my exams are soon but HEY, I start my 2 week easter holidays soon and more than anything means I can get much needed loooooong rest. I'm also starting up my online shop which I've been banging on about for months on end haha, but I will have the time to launch it so YAY!

3. The picture is of my dress I wore to a recent work do, and no, I wasn't overdressed. It was a proper evening attire kinda thing and it was SO lovely to meet all the workers from my region! The dress was £20 and my mum cut a slit into it as I didn't like the length as it made me look frumpy cause I'm so short! The heels were £12 and the clutch was £2 from a charity shop? I dunno somewhere like that haha and earrings £4 from primark ;)

4. Thats it for now, I'll be posting regularly starting next week with a few bits and bobs that I've not had a chance to show you, including clothes from motel and other places which I am soo desperate to show you!

Thanks again guys, and I've missed you so much!