Friday, July 15, 2011

Thrift bit: Harry potters glasses

Today I'm sat at home crying cause my boyfriends off seeing Harry Potter and I'm just chillin in my jim jams eating lots of ben and jerrys. Best friday I've actually had in a while to be fair, but hey-ho. I'm waiting on wednesday to see it with my little sister and do the whole 2 for 1 thing (I'm poor, it's got to be done!) but I'm super excited. I've always loved Harry Potter but not until a few years ago did I actually get round to reading all the books, and obviously fell quite in love. I'd seen all the movies (thats a given) but the books are just so so much better. It's one of those things like the royal wedding that makes me so proud to be British, and although it wasn't really for me, it was for some people, their childhood. My boyfriends dad used to read the books to him when he was little, and hes always had a soft spot for the books/films, and I think it's lovely that books like that can give kids this huge happiness and crazy imagination, just feeling teary thinking about it haha!

I found these mini glasses for 30p from a carboot and fell in love, now this was ageeeeeees ago. Only recently popped a chain on it and decided it's quite fitting, with every single Harry Potter thing going on at the moment, why not? Here is my homemade harry potter glasses necklace, whatcha think? :

Got a few more bits and pieces and I'm glad to be back blogging, I've missed you all so much!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


(me and my daddy!)

Prom was quite sad really. I'm going to miss everybody. Having been at my sixth form previously for school, not just the last 2 years, it's strange. The dress was made by me and my mum, we originally bought THIS ONE, but it was poorly made/too big/and too poooofy. So we returned it in the end and and then we basically copied it. Only we changed the bottom to a waterfall kindof effect which I LOVED in the end and beaded it by hand instead of how it was actually done on their dress which was some shitty sequins which looked horrible. The outcome?.. Took me 8 hours to bead 1000 gold bead embellishments and oh my god it was worth it. I loved my dress in the end and I am so happy and proud to have made it and to have something so elegant and 'prom' like. Most people had evening dresses etc but I wanted a PROM dress, ya know? It's my last ever prom! The only time I'm goign to dress like this again will be my wedding (erven though leets be fair, the pictures of me and my boyfriend look like we have just gotten married haha!) My mum got me a tiara and everything so I really did look like a princess but honestly, I wanted to go all out, and James even bought me a corsage, the cutie!

Sorry for lack of everything, Been busy with making the dress and work, and I don't want to make any more empty promises of blogging regularly but I have been to the odd carboot and have things I need to show and sell! Also, I've missed you guys.

Again sorry, and if you had prom, how was it? I WANNA SEE YOUR DRESSES! :D