Sunday, December 30, 2012

A year in blog photos

Hello everyone - long time no blog!
I had a lovely christmas & I hope you all did too - whatever you got up to :-) I was annoyed that I didn't get anything decent on boxing day in the sales, but I have nowpicked up my birthday party dress (January the 5th woo!) and my mum picked up up an I-NC-R-E-D-I-B-L-E bargain from topshop for a mere £1 .. topshop and £1? Doesn't sound possible haha!

Anyway, just thought I would collate a few of my outfits from this year and my god, I have way more outfits that I realised! This isn't all of them but I am so happy with how my blog has gone this year. From newspapers, magazines, an appearance on tv, being snapped at London Fashion Week by Vogue and Topshop - it's been madness. Thankyou all so much for reading and supporting me this year - I feel very lcuky and humbled I can actually called this blog a 'part time job'!

Much love to you all and have a happy new year!

Monday, December 24, 2012


I am currently sat nursing a foodbaby full of yummy goodness and watching lots of cheesey christmas films (We love Shrek in my household!)

(yes, all the presents in the sack are mine! I am 5 years old again haha!)
Red Christmas / Reindeer Jumper, Ebay - £14.99

Just a quick one to say Merry Christmas to you all tomorrow. I really hope you have an amazing day! I love getting together with my family, and will be spending the morning here at my mums, and then at James' in the afternoon for Christmas Dinner .. nomnomnom!

I'm so excited to see everyones faces at what I have bought them, it;s my favourite bit of the day - and fingers crossed I did okay gift wise!

I'm wearing my christmas jumper I bought off ebay just for the occassion! I'll be wearing this tomorrow evening I reckon, but I have a slightly *girlier* ensemble in mind Christmas Dinner :-)

Happy Holidays everyone - have a great day!

Friday, December 21, 2012


The lighting was a little weird today so sorry about the photos! I couldn't wait to show you this jumper from Romwe!

Jeremy Scott Bart Simpson lookalike jumper, c/o ROMWE
Leather Yellow Rucksack / Backpack c/o Grafea
Yellow Knit Bobble Hat, ebay(other colours available here!) - £2.50
Leather Black UNIF Hellbound / Big Lita Lookalike, c/o Missguided

This jumper is a Jeremy Scott lookalike from his Bart Simpson Cartoon collection. As pretty much made famous by the effing beautiful Cara Develigne, these jumpers are definitely a statement piece (first king kong leggings, now a bart simpson jumper - whatever next?!) I was lucky enough to nab this off ROMWE when they had them in stock, however they have quickly run out of stock several times since I managed to get one!
They are ridiculously amazing quality and very snuggly inside so they are perfect for winter. Teamed with my bright yellow beanie and favourite Grafea Rucksack, this outfit is amazing <3 Hope you are all well! I'm actually feeling very poorly at the moment (think it's winter blues) so am sat at home trying to get started on wrapping presents. Hope you have all had a lovely day and happy 'end of the word' day!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One More Night.

James & I went shopping in meadowhall for a few more bits, and I was so shocked at how busy it was! No lie - 10am on a Monday morning, and it was packed! We only needed a few things so I shoved my favourite dress from Romwe on and my heels. I was going to opt for some tights but if you are a fellow shopping cetre shopper this christmas you will know how ridiculously hot it gets. So whilst my boyfriend was melting in his cosy jumper I as happy with my dress. Although as we walked back to the car I as less than pleased with the rain!

Slanting Stripes Grey Strappy Dress, c/o ROMWE
Spike Snapback Cap, You Wear Fashion (£22)
Leather Black UNIF Hellbound / Big Lita Lookalike, c/o Missguided
Triangle hand harness, You Wear Fashion (£10)
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote Lookalike Bag, Ebay - £32.99

This dress is one of those things that I saw and thought it would be a staple in my wardrobe. It honestly is so silky and comfy, and looks ridiculously designer. I saw it and thought it must be an Alexander Wang knockoff or something! I love how it matches the strappyness of my knock off Wang bag too!

I love these spike caps, I have currently sold out on my store but should be getting more in! I usually wear them the other day but I thoguht it looked quite different backwards. As James says, I look quite hip hop try hard in this outfit haha, but I like it nonetheless!

Excuse the Starbucks cup too, we had just got back and I was drinking it on the way home and still had it in my hand and literally forgot all about it until about half way through haha. Posing with a Starbucks cup? Whatever next!

p.s. the winner of my giveaway was...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratualtions and thanks all who entered :-) Will have another one soon!
Much Love <3

Monday, December 17, 2012


King Kong Print Leggings, c/o Be My Trash
Black Bobble Knit Hat, Ebay - £2.99
Black crop shirt / blouse, c/o Bows and feathers
Leather Black UNIF Hellbound / Big Lita Lookalike, c/o Missguided

I don't think I need to explain this outfit - these leggings are F I E R C E. When I saw them I think I dribbled! I absolutely love statement pieces like this, and they are ridiculously good quality. I really want some Black Milk leggings still, but of course every single fahsion blogga has a pair. These are great in the fact they're just a little different, and I don't think you need to wear anything particularly amazing to pair with them. I just wore my crop blouse, for no other reason than to show you guys the print (I don't usually wear crop tops with leggings!) and a wooly hat and my favourite platforms <3 Just a quick one today to show you the amazingness adorned on my legs! Will post soon - hope you have been having fun christmas shopping.. lol

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I knew you were trouble.

Title is of my absolute favourite song at the moment - Taylor, can you do no wrong?!
I freakin love his jumper. It's not the warmest of the bunch, but just like my mint stag jumper, it's a wildfox lookalike. I'm a hugeeee wildfox fan, and really wish I could afford something from their collection, but these lookalike jumpers shall do for now!

Wildfox Lookalike Stars Distressed Sweater (Navy), Missguided - £24.99
'Boy' Beanie, Ebay - £7.99
Large circle sunglasses, ZeroUv - £6.39
White Ice Watch, c/o Icewatch
Leather Black UNIF Hellbound / Big Lita Lookalike, c/o Missguided
Triangle hand harness, You Wear Fashion (£10)
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote Lookalike Bag, Ebay - £32.99

I spotted this on missguided for £25 and then it sold out, but as super happy to see it come back so snapped it up quick (and I suggest you do the same before it sells out again!) I got the navy colour which is basically the same as black but feel it adds a little bit of lightness into the mix rather than an all black and white ensemble. I was going to add red lipstick but thought it was nice as it was!
Literally in love with these beanies even though they're very -hipster-. You can get loads on ebay HERE and I have this and the 'comme des fuckdown' one - pretty much goes with everything too :-)

I'm so so so lucky to have been gifted this ice watch. For realz, the nicest watch I have ever laid my eyes on. I have wanted a nice white one for as long as I can remember, and I feel like I have been given an early birthday present (January the 5th babyyyy) as this is perfect! I can't stop looking at it *swoooon*
I actually wore this outfit to meadowhall the other week and wana wear it again tomorrow as its just so effortless and cosy at the sametime. I'm doing my proper Christmas Shopping - yay! I actually love Christmas, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but I'm a little scared of how busy it will be. I'm okay in crowds and I absolutely love shopping (boxing day sales are my favourites!) but when I'm really tired I get snappy and realy annoying to be around haha - good luck to my little sister tomorrow!

There has been some absolutely awful things in the news this week, and well, this year really. My hearts go out to everyone who has been effected. I saw this on twitter and actualy started crying. Although there have been some awful things this year, there have also been some incredible things to happen all around the world. Take a look HERE, I guarantee it will restore your faith in humanity.

Much Love to every single one of you lovelies xo