Thursday, July 26, 2012

#07 Thrifty Thursday - Vegas Girl

Hello everyone!
Todays post is featuring an outfit picture as I wanted to team the thrifted item with something I wear when I go out. The item is the H&M striped dress, worn as a vest, which I thrifted from a bootsale for like 50p! Worn as a dress with sandals is super casual, but I like how it looks as a vest with my faux leather skater skirt and floppy hat too! :-)

H&M Stripe dress vest, carboot - 50p
Gold ankle cuffs, ebay - £7
Large circle sunglasses, ebay - £6.39
Faux Leather Skater Skirt, H&M - £20
Floppy Black Summer Hat, Primark - £6 (last year)
Red oversized large envelope clutch (other colours available!) , ebay - £15.00
ASOS bitten platforms, gift (similar here!)

Do you like my new ankle cuffs? They are B E A U T I F U L! I got them for £7 from THIS SELLER and they are perfect! Admittedly they are quite big on my tiny ankles, but they are adjustable with two different sizes and are definitely perfect for summer :-) Super happy with that purchase! They also didn't take too long to come which I was really happy about :-)
Sorry it's kinda a quick one today, I'm in the middle of packaging something new in for my store and writing the listing to go up asap. Also had a bit of a dying disaster with a jumper and some Levi's today -stupid dye was AWFUL and didn't dissolve properly so ruined my gorgeous stuff! Well, I've kinda saved it and my amazing boyfriend was kind enough to drive all the way over with new dye so I could salvage it in time for a Saturday restock (omg please don't hold me to this because I'm running around like a mad woman and fingers crossed I get stuff done!) So big love to him right now!
My business runs off of my stock coming in on time. With my wholesaler and supplier sat in china - it takes forever!
Hope you enjoyed this post! What have you been thrifting recently?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dancing in the congo.

Dancing in the Congo dress, c/o Sugarlips Apparel
Celine Lookalike Clog / Wooden Wedge platform, ebay - £30
Gold arm cuff, gift

Turquoise stone ring, carboot - 50p
Silver and blue ring, carboot - £1.50
Turquoise hang ring, carboot - 10p
Swirly silver ring, carboot - 10p

You know what I'm like with my maxi dresses. This i riduclously beautiful, like it is such good quality and I haven't seen a tribal esque print as pretty as this, ever. I really wish I was going on holiday now, it was super sunny whilst I wore this!
I teamed it with my favourite arm bracelet my mum got me for prom, and it fits my arm like a dream. I teamed it with a bunch of random rings aswell, which I've started doing loads. I can't wait to show off the rings that I've got for my store youwearfashion aswell - It has been on my finger for the past week and I am just trying to keep it all a secret until I can stock it!

The wedges were mentioned a while back actually on my instagram and a few people asked where I got them. They were originally a gift, but I asked for themfrom my mum from a seller off ebay. They are a copycat of the CELINE WEDGE /CLOGS , and I literaly want every style. They have them knocking around on ebay from the same seller that I have linked too and they're only £30 - eee! SUCH GOOD QUALITY. Like I can't get over how amazing they are. Easy to wak in like flatforms and just generally a great summer clog - I'm not a fan of traditional clogs so the wooden wedge on this is a dream!

Hope you are genuinely all enjoying the sunshine! I've been working as always, but it's been nice to work outside on my laptop than working in a stuffy shop in retail like I was this time last year! How times have changed ey? ;-)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Feel the love.

Hello everyone! hope you are enjoying the sunshine!

Just a quick one to let everyone know the store has been restocked *does a happy dance* - sorry it's taken me forevz! I literally take my time with each piece to make it perfect and to a standard I would want to buy myself, so sometimes I will take two days dying and studding things to perfection. Sounds a little excessive but hey ho!

Faux leather hand studded jacket, youwearfashion - BUY HERE
Vintage Floral Satchel / Rucksack bag, youwearfashion - BUY HERE
Large circle sunglasses, ebay - £6.39
Miso orange perforated bralet, c/o Republic (£20)
Vintage high waisted Levi shorts, ebay - £25
Inverted Kora Cross Necklace, c/o Rock'n'Rose
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, c/o soyoushoes

I did a little outfit post with two of my favourites - the studded leather jacket and floral satchel! I nearly died when I got the floral satchel in store, I know alot of people loved my lee cooper one I got, and so being able to offer a gorgeous vintage one to you guys is so good - esecially as it's so perfect for festivals and even schoolbags when people go back to school (a while away I know but yaaaa knowwww)

The faux leather jacket is similar to the gorge H&M one which was in store a few weeks ago and I love it :-) Also teamed this with my new favourite sunglasses omg they are amazing! Feel like a profesh fashion blogger everytime I wear them - although they are deffo way too big for my tiny face!

Here are a few snaps of the rest of the stock!
To go to my store just click HERE :-)

I've got a few rings to get into store and other dribs and drabs, and my long awaited collars! (which have taken longer than anticipated!) but they're all gorgeous. I've also set up a twitter and facebook and would love it if you liked and followed, just to keep up with whats going on in store and be the first to see sneak peeks! :-)
Good luck bidding! ;-)

Saturday, July 21, 2012


It's getting sunnier and sunnier here in England, so I can finally whip out my levis, bustiers and sunglasses! I'm so excited - most bloggers I have spoken to say they're more a/w girlies, I am SUCH a summer girl. Legs out, sandals on!

Neon oversized tee, sheside* - £17.50
Aztec / Tribal print black and white leggings, ebay - £4.99
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Black Litas, ebay - £35
Inverted Kora Cross Necklace, c/o Rock'n'Rose
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote lookalike, ebay - £32
*Paid for partially with a coupon, partially my own money

Hand turquoise ring, carboot - 5p
Cross ring, carboot - 50p
Stone ring, carboot - 50p
Gypsy head ring, carboot - £1.50 (Similar HERE)

I fell in love with this tee from sheinside, like so so much. I'm getting into neon pieces more and more for summer. I really want a neon clutch and a neon beanie hat to add that pop of colour into my summer wardrobe!
I teamed it with my favourite go to aztec leggings, fiver off ebay! They look really really good and are so comfy, if not slightly baggy. But they would be perfect for festivals (if I was going, boo!) Obviously teamed this with my faux litas and faux Alexander Wang satchel and a bunch of thrifted rings.

If any of you live in Sheffield you will know that Tramlines is going on this weekend and I'm hoping to make an appearance tomorrow if I can get all my store stocked and ready to be scheduled for tomorrow evening done! It's taking such a long time and I'm so glad I can finalllyyyy just get it done! If I see anyone at tramlines make sure you say hi! I only got to go for one night last time which was abit pants so I'm hoping to do the more daytime stuff this year - I tend to avoid busy stuff cause I just hate it but I really need to start getting a life, especially as my friends are bac from uni now!

Hope you get to enjoy the sunshine!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

#06 Thrifty thursday - Barry M Nails.

Hello everyone - hope you're well! Sorry but being so MIA, Will sort myself out eventually, just got heaps of stuff to get done in the real world at the moment!

Barry M Nail Polish in Coral, carboot - 20p (but available here for £3.20!!)
Technic Nail Polish in Carnival, ebay - £1.20

Just thought I'd show you this gorgeous Coral colour by Barry M I picked up at the carboot for 20p! I always pick up Barry M polishes at the carboot - they're usually fairly new and ungloopy and always dead cheap. I think I've got about 5 from the carboot now, which is perfect because they are my favourite polish brand ever!

I wore it with the gorgeous Carnival glitter polish by Technic, which is the well known dupe of OPI rainbow connection, but a fraction of the price. I picked mine up for £1.20 from this seller, and I have had so many compliments. I love doing the glitter on my nail tips rather than all over, as it isn't too much.

I don't tend to blog about beauty related stuff at all on this blog but I think I will now and again as I do take an interest, it's just never really over the top kind of stuff. I'm never going to be the kind of girl that has over 20 lipsticks in all similar shades - its just not me I'm afraid ;-)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Faux / Lookalike Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Hello everyone!I decided to do this post as a little in depth guide on the shoes I wear quite abit on this blog - my faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas! I get a fair feq questions on the comfort, quality, and overall likeness of the genuine article so thought I'd give my two cents :-)

Firstly, I'm all for people buying the genuine article. Don't get me wrong, if I could afford it, I would. The Jeffrey Campbell Lita is the kind of shoe I want in every colour. At a price of around £100 each - that is far from affordable!

When the lookalikes first appeared, they were in the form of ones from Asia, mainly china and hong kong surfacing on ebay. The links for these are HERE & HERE. If you look closely they have a plastic heel, rather than a lookalike wooden heel, and are very flimsy. I actually bought a pair of Jeffrey Campbell foxy lookalikes and wore them HERE & HERE - The heel broke after a week and they were super uncomfortable. I was glad to get my ASOS bitten platforms for christmas whch are a dupe for the Foxys - super comfy and incredible quality! I would not recommend these lookalikes, they just aren't worth the money! So until a better version came along I waited until I ventured into getting a faux pair!

Another pair of lookalikes I would avoid are any that look like these (link HERE) on the left hand side. Look at it in comparison to the faux litas that I prefer..

If you have a look at the heel and how raised it is compared to a normal pair of faux litas that I get, it is way too high. Uncomfortably high! I have seen a few people wearing these on blogs and think to myself 'How can you walk in these?!?!' - As much as people think I'm crazy for wearing heels alot, I wear comfy heels, and can't stand a heel that you can only wear in and out of a taxi! These ones I also would not recommend!

Now onto the jackpot - The best faux litas around!

Heres a littla FAQ -
Are they comfortable? - YES! SO COMFY! I've worn the brown pair on a night out (you can tell, they are so battered!) and I wear them out whilst shopping and events and just everything really, they are very comfy! You can even wear a pair of trainer socks to add more comfort as they are covered which I find amazingly comfortable! :-)
Are they great quality? - Yes, I would say so!
Do they look like the real deal? - To me, yes. I can actually tell the difference as the actual litas are alot higher and fatter at the front (and possibly comfier if thats possible!) but on a normal scale no. They only giveaway is the plastic feel to the laces, the faux wooden heel and of course the zip. Huge giveaway, but most people will think they are the real JC's! Of course when you have a colour than actually isn't available in JC's like my tan leather ones, it's obvious (but only to you lita experts!)

Here are my shoes and you can decide for yourself if you think they are worth the money!

Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, c/o soyoushoes

Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, ebay - £35

American Flag Print Lookalike Litas, c/o soyoushoes

They range from around £30 - £40, but of course the american flag ones are very cheap at the moment and so are the suede ones, so grab them if you want them (£12 for a pair of heels in general is cheap let alone these babies!)
I will link to my top ebay sellers which are
HERE , HERE , HERE, HERE (only £12.99!) & HERE.

You can get so many colours now which is so good, from coral, to suede neon, to flag print and glitter! The glitter are next on my list - I just can't justify it because I own so many shoes already! I also like the paisley print which are quite obviously fake as they aren't a design from JC at all - but they are beautiful!

I hope this has answered a few questions & I'm sorry for being so MIA. I'm getting over my flu so hopefully everything will be back to normal next week and I can finally restock my shop after much stalling!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

#05 Thrifty thursday - Black Lace.

Hello everyone! Hope you are well!
Today I am all drugged up on paracetamol - I am super ill! :-( My little sister has been off school the past few days and I have unfortunately caught a nasty bug off her. I braved the ickyness and decided that Thrifty Thursday had to go ahead regardless, but head up for the fact I look very spaced out and weird on the photos - I was about to pss out out of sheer tiredness!

Lace shirt, carboot - £2
Jeffrey Campbell Clinics, ebay - £50
American Apparel Riding pants, ebay - £35

I absolutely love this sheer shirt. I look very gothic with the clinics and riding pants! It's pretty perfect for a/w which may be a while away now, but it's never too early to prepare yourself! It's hard to know how to style them if I am honest, besides the standard riding/disco pants. I have a pair of gorgeous acid wash high waisted skinny jeans from h&m that would look amazing, and maybe even my H&M leather skirt.

Have you found any amazing bargains recently? :-)

Monday, July 9, 2012

One year.

This is probably the most overdue post in the history of overdue posts - so for that I apologise!
I mention him quite abit on the blog so you all know I have a boyfriend named James, and we recently (well, April!) celebrated our 'one year' anniversary!
Its quite tricky for us, as it falls upon his birthday, so we decided to celebrate a week later to that we could celebrate both properly.

This was my 'anniversary dress' I wore to the meal..

Red jewel cut out dress, c/o Desire Clothing (only £15!!!!!!!!!)
Silver glittered heels, DIY
Thomas sabo bracelet, gift
Silver personalised cuff bracelet, c/o ernest jones

The dress is absolutely amazing and from desire clothing. I didn't really have high hopes when I first popped onto their website but they really do have some gorgeous dresses, and this one was no exception. Oh my god it is just beautiful, and is my favourite evening dress (along with my maxi missguided one!) If you have any proms or fancy functions I wholeheartidly recommend this. Definitely looks more expensive than £15! Anyway, more on the meal later!

We decided to have a weekend away in Manchester & booked into a premier inn (which I really have to rave about as not only being dead cheap but very comfy!) We looked around as alot of them differed and weren't what we wanted, but we finally found one with an ensuite, double bed, lots of room and really close by the Manchester Trafford centre!
We drove down on the friday and checked into the hotel. The weather was crappy the whole weekend which was abit crap but we were going to be inside the majority of the time.

We went to see Avengers Assemble (I told you it was a while ago!) but of course it was the best film ever and we totally geeked out at how amazing it was! After this we just had a lovely browse shopping. I really love the Manchester Trafford centre. Majority of you know I'm from Sheffield and we have meadowhall which is nice, but the Trafford centre was just a bigger and better version!

I popped into h&m and bought the amazing H&M dip hem top/dress I featured abit ago! Along with a few other bits and bobs. James also got some new vans.

We also had a browse of the Trafford centre on a whole which is just crazy. Its like a whole different place to me compared to madowhall and it was lovely! James picked me up a realy gorgeous diary from the paperchase sale aswell for a mere £2.50!

We then decided (pretty last minute!) to go to frankie and bennys, where I wore my lovely jewelled dress and it really was just a lovely evening. Side note: Don't go to frankie and bennys on a saturday evening if you want a quiet and calm one - it was around 6 peoples birthdays (not exaggerating!) and so the birthday song came on so many times it was ridiculous! haha

The next day we came back to the trafford centre and went into the namco station and went a little crazy buying tickets! We then stopped at pizza hut for some food and headed off home!

Honestly was such a nice anniversary weekend and we had so much fun - as we are both very busy with work it was nice to just do a standard going out and shopping and meal kinda weekend as most months were lucky if we do it at all!
Hope youre all well! I will be sat here all evening studding and dying and ready to take photos tomorrow for the restock - along time coming!
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